The Raw Debate

I woke up this morning around 4:30 with “un” on my mind, unpasteurized, unhomogenized “raw” milk. It was not, as you might suspect, a hunger issue but an important issue that I really feel the need to share.

I was at a funeral in December and somehow (I always manage to spew forth) I mentioned my consumption of raw milk. A young man who was at least 30 years my junior proceeded to expound upon the dangers of unpasteurized milk. He knew all of this because his grandfather had told him about all the people who got Tuberculosis years ago from “bad” milk. It struck me at that moment that no matter the depth of my experience, no matter the level of my knowledge, there will always be the people whose lips have never and will never touch raw milk who know more than I do. That is just pure cow dung.

I have personally consumed raw milk both from cows and goats for three years and not one bad thing has happened. My lips have not fallen off, I have not gone blind, my lungs remain uninfected with the tuberculin virus, in fact, I may have a stronger immune system than I ever did before. Raw milk in my opinion is the only milk to drink providing it is from cows, goats, sheep, yaks, camels etc who have never been given an artificial big pharma pill or vaccination.

Did you know that many people (not all) with lactose intolerance find that if milk is unadulterated, unpasteurized and whole they can consume it with gusto and experience no tummy cramps and runny diarrhea? Did you know that pasteurization kills off all of the natural enzymes and vitamins that Mother Nature intended us to consume and we are left with this worthless liquid that has everything that was good for the human body removed? We don’t even absorb calcium as we should from dead milk due to the destruction of phosphatase in the process of cooking it.

Did the young man who knew all about the badness of raw milk know that tuberculosis didn’t come from the cow’s raw milk? Sanitation at the time was extremely poor everywhere and lack of clean hands and clean environment very likely spread that disease not the lowly cow and her lovely nectar.

Friends we have been very misled by the powers that be and it is time to arm yourself with knowledge. Read Ron Schmid’s “The Untold Story of Milk”, read Mercola’s “Total Health”, buy “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig and cook from it while you educate yourself. Insist by using the almighty dollar that we get the cow back in the grassy pastures living the good life and being milked under the best of sanitary conditions. Contact me if you have a desire to see for yourself the farms where cows are born and raised in pristine situations and milked with kindness and by caring people who let them live their lives out even when they are no longer useful. I will happily introduce you to these good stewards of the earth.

There is a plethora of reputable data out there to prove unequivocally that raw milk is not the devil’s drink and may, in fact, have very divine origins. Now go, drink raw and get healthy!


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