PACE up to date

I am once again flexing the creative lobe of the gray matter occupying my skull. My creative partner, HP Pavillion, decided several weeks ago that it needed a change. Why it chose its hard drive for this apparently necessary life changing exhilaration we will never know. What I do know is I am so lucky to have a computer geek in my life and I thank him profusely for being back with my creative partner. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. For HP, you need to improve your product this is the second failure of my laptop in as many years.

What that all means for my experiment with the PACE program is I have been following it for longer than I intended before making an entry again. It also means that I have had time to discover that while I think it is the most beneficial way to exercise it is hard for me to follow on a weekly basis. I can follow the basic formula but exercising for only 20 minutes only works for me once in awhile as I actually like to exercise.

I am one of those sickos ( Michael Moore does not get to claim any rights to that word) who enjoys breathing hard and sweating. My spousal unit awoke me to this fact the other day on the bike trail as I was complaining that everyone seemed “so crabby”. His response was “not everyone gets a high from exercise”. I guess that spoke volumes to me and I quit smiling at every poor soul that met us.

ANYWAY, I have thus far resisted buying the full on book about PACE but it is inevitable that I will (even though I think it is horribly overpriced) as I really don’t understand how you work the program in to a lifestyle that has included exercise for the last 30 years. 20 minutes or less does not even take me to the regional trail on my bike much less the 20 miles we like to ride. It barely allows for a couple of miles on the trail on foot and few if any of my exercise videos are that brief.

What it does allow pretty easily is a workout with Kathy Smith called Power Walking. She has a 20 minute segment of walking and weights that fairly closely duplicates the PACE regimen. The weight lifting segments slow your heart rate some and then she has you push yourself for a minute before returning to the walking routine which is fun to do and even more fun when she loses her count or forgets her routine (I bet she is 50-ish just like me). You repeat that general pattern several times and then cool down and stretch which takes you to about 30 minutes of exercise and stretching.

I did make up several routines where I just jumped rope for a minute or two or used the Schwinn Airedyne to a level 5 or 6 for a minute. I also walked the regional trail with 3-4 minute runs interspersed with very slow walking to lower my heart rate but my Carver trait made that slow part really hard as I was embarrassed to be walking so pathetically in front of other people. Crikey I have to admit that it probably just doesn’t work very well for me on a day to day basis.

That said, I am still following the basic premise and I do feel my lung power has increased and I am more fit. I just returned from the Idaho mountains and for the first time in my life I did not feel the altitude when out for mountain hikes. It was amazing. It may be due to several changes I have made in my life but I believe that exercising with the basic PACE tenets has improved my lung capacity and my ability to go from a resting heart rate of 68 to a working heart rate of 150 and back down to a heart rate of 100 and I will continue to forge ahead with the routine.


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  1. Posted by John on 9:53 at Sunday, July 22, 2007

    I don’t think that I look all that happy when I am exercising. I enjoy being “out there” but I am not beaming sunshine to everyone I meet, either.


  2. Thank goodness you seem to have someone who can take care of your computer problems!


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