Phthalates in the News

IT seems to be the buzz word these days. IT has been on the news for several weeks and every station offers it up on a plate like they are the first to serve this delicious tidbit. IT is a class of chemicals called phthalates and they are a byproduct of our plastic world that is worming its way in to our bodies and destroying our health.

What is a phthalate? It is a salt of phthalic acid, a dibasic acid obtained by the oxidation of napthalene and allied substances. When added to plastics the phthalates allow the long polyvinyl molecules to slide against one another and are chiefly used to turn polyvinyl chloride from a hard plastic in to a flexible plastic.

As of 2004 manufacturers produce about 800 million tons of phthalates every year. Phthalates are not only the magic behind the water bottle you drink out of but they are found in many cosmetics, caulks, paint pigment, adhesives, fishing lures and sex toys. According to Wikipedia, phthalates are prevalent in pop culture electronics like iPods and iPhones and personal computers despite heavy criticism after a commercially purchased iPhone was tested for phthalate levels and it was found to be emitting “toxic” levels of the substance.

Our esteemed government agencies who, by the way, have told us that our imported toys are safe (check out the latest recall from Mattel), our food supply is safe (note the number of hamburger patties recalled due to e coli contamination) and has created a food pyramid that is making us one of the least healthy, most obese nations in the world claims that the level of phthalate found in humans has not been proven to cause any harmful effects. However, other sources claim that the current levels of phthalates have been found to have Xenoestrogen affects particularly in young boys and changed an anogental measurement. Studies done in Sweden and Denmark found a very strong link between allergies in children and the phthalates DEHP and BBzP. Other studies primarily done on rodents shows damage to liver, kidney, lungs and developing testes. Can we find research that discounts all of this data? YES. Do we know where the research has been done that discounts these potentially life altering affects of phthalates? YES the U.S. Do I trust my government to not be beholden to big industry magnates and to be looking out for me? NO

What can I do?

I personally will stop drinking water from plastic and plastics in my house are going in the recycle bin and out of my house. I do not use cosmetics and my body wash and shampoos and conditioners are chemically free . My perfumes are essential oils and my hair is naturally and sometimes rather wildly allowed to blow in the breeze unfettered by hair gels and sprays. I use a far infrared sauna at least three times a week as FIR sauna is one of the only ways to rid your bloodstream of phthalates and other toxins we have accumulated. Will I live longer as result of my actions? Probably not but I will feel I did everything I could do for myself and what happens after that is in God’s hands.


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  1. Posted by krisinsight on 12:18 at Tuesday, June 3, 2008

    Thanks for the comment Natalie. Not only are the future generation being poisoned by their plastic bottles filled with water but they aren’t allowed to exercise or take a water break. We not only have ADD, ADHD, girls getting breasts and periods at age 8 but obesity that is out of control. God tell me what is next!
    As an aside to your point, have you ever thought about all the plastic sippy cups that little ones drink out of from the time they are toddling around? There are stainless steel sippy cups being sold at Linden Hills Home Store in the Linden Hills area of Minneapolis (and other responsible retailers) and I point it out, so people can throw away those plastic sippy cups before their children are permanently damaged.


  2. Posted by Natalie Dousette on 16:36 at Tuesday, May 27, 2008

    This blog entry got me thinking about what is going on in schools these days in regards to my children having to bring water in a plastic bottle to school to prevent the teachers having to stop teaching and let the children walk into the hall to drink water from the drinking fountain. This is the craziest thing I have ever seen; exposing our children daily to these harmful chemicals in plastic bottles? Maybe allowing them to actually walk into the hallway to get both hydration and a “brainbreak” would cut down on the dx of ADHD??? Ever think of it? I am a chiropractor practicing in Edina MN, thank you for standing up for what you believe in and spreading the word. Keep up the good work. I found the website while doing some research for a pt on infrared saunas. I will definitely recommend the Heat Therapy Center.


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