T-Tapp for a New Body

You read that right, T-Tapp, and it is a form of exercise that was developed by Teresa Tapp. My initial impression was that it looked ridiculous and I thought it had ruined my back, so I rejected it. However, there was something about it that made sense and kept calling me back.

First, I found out about T-Tapp from Mary Shomon an expert on thyroid disorder. She recommended T-Tapp for anyone with autoimmune disorders. Then I bought Teresa Tapp’s book “Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes” which I found interesting but not very helpful. It was filled with testimonials and I just didn’t get much out of that and I found her exercise instruction difficult to follow. Buying the book was not a complete disaster as it provided me with the ability to get one DVD and a sampling of products very reasonably. I chose “Walk Away the Inches” as my DVD and despite my harsh review of her book I do refer to it and have loaned it out to help others learn about T-Tapp form.

The first time or two I followed the exercise on my newly purchased T-Tapp DVD I found myself with serious back problems which I naturally felt the DVD exercise had created, so I set it aside and went back to Kathy Smith. I think having done exercise with Teresa Tapp and her very specific instructions left me feeling something was missing and that coupled with realizing that it was the Kathy Smith DVD that had started my back problems brought me back to the T-Tapp DVD. I was a bit bored by the “Walk Away the Inches”, so I ordered the Total Workout and that brings me to the present state of being totally hooked on T-Tapping.

Teresa Tapp has a rehabilitative approach to fitness, so even with bad knees you can successfully use her DVDs, your weak and achey back will become stronger and hurt less. I cannot speak to losing weight (I do not weigh myself and that is another blog) but I have lost inches and my back fat is all but gone. I was ecstatic yesterday when I looked in the mirror and noticed that the crease in my back that I thought was a permanent feature was disappearing (which is why I thought I had to let you know about T-Tapp). I stand taller and straighter, my shoulders are no longer rounded and my knees feel great. I am excited to purchase her “Breast Health Package” because I feel prevention of breast cancer is the real key not curing it once someone has it. Teresa is donating $10 of each package purchased to the United Breast Cancer Foundation and she has partnered with that foundation to develop programs to help women with breast cancer and to help the rest of us “prevent” breast cancer.

T-Tapp will remind you of yoga, or Qigong as it is very form specific. The exercises are done with no music and I guarantee you will not miss it as her constant reminders are imperative. You will find yourself “tucking butt” and pushing your knees out to little toe every time she says “KLT”. You exercise from the core out and when you are done your muscles are fatigued, your heart is pumping and your lymphatic system has been purged. Check it out and read all about T-Tapp at www.ttapp.com


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Peg Viola on 15:08 at Thursday, April 29, 2010

    I am totally in love with T-Tapp. I too don’t weigh myself, it i just a number, but to date in less than 2 months I have lost 29 inches and am not done yet!


    • Posted by Kris on 7:31 at Monday, May 3, 2010

      Me too, Peg. I hadn’t done any T-Tapp in a few weeks and I started again because my neck was getting sore. I love that I can keep my chiropractic alignment doing the T-Tapp Twist. I know its working because I actually hear things click back in to place. For those who think it looks too easy, give it a try I guarantee you will feel the workout. BTW, the Basic Workout is the prefect thing to do before using a FIR sauna, you will sweat out all the toxins.


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