Burn Those Bras

Yesterday, Joe Mercola had an excellent article about brassieres. Yup those supportive cups for the ladies and if you love your underwire you will not like what the experts feel happens to female breasts when compressed by a bra, not to mention what occurs when the wire constantly impinges on delicate body parts like your rib cage.
If you wear a bra to stop sagging of your breast tissue it basically puts the lie to that old wives tale although there is always the voice of contradiction and variety is what makes the world go round, so be it. The free movement of breast tissue cleans the lymphatic system of the breast and keeps breasts healthier and less likely to develop cancerous cells. Clean lymph is vital to a healthy life and yes there are ways to keep your lymph free of toxins.
If you would like more information regarding this subject check out the archives at Mercola.com. If you would like a good daily lymphatic cleansing check out the CRT program by Teresa Tapp. Also bear in mind that antiperspirants have aluminum in them that stops the natural cleansing of the lymph under your arm, try just powdering with baking soda in the morning before you dress. Baking soda works wonders at controlling odor. If you still have odor problems perhaps it is time to check your diet or take a Blood Cleanser or an anti-viral, anti bacterial tincture like Viragon sold at Baseline Nutritionals.
In the meantime whenever socially acceptable burn that bra, free those breasts and wear your chest proudly.


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