Peri significance

This article may contain very few facts and figures but I feel I have something to share that women who find themselves peri-forty might find interesting. You may not want to hear this but your peri-menopause years are encroaching and no one talks about the effect the changing hormones will have on you, well at least very few medical people look there first when things start going a bit wacko in your forties. To be honest, after thirty things are already changing but more slowly and less obviously, so I have arbitrarily picked forty as a number that is peri your menopause years.

There are many words containing the prefix peri- and generally it means around, enclosing, surrounding but also “a lovely person”. Hmm, I like that last one so I am mostly going to adopt the Persian definition which has a lot to do with mythical fairies. When I became a “lovely person” in my mid-forties not one person medical or not mentioned that my “loveliness” might be my changing hormones. In fact, my very well meaning daughter mentioned discreetly that I might need anti-anxiety meds, so off I went to a female physician who willingly gave me a prescription for Paxil and never once mentioned that what I was experiencing might be a fluctuation in my hormones.

I took those seemingly harmless little pastilles for almost two years and then one day I realized I was still crying. Worse than the tears though I seemed to have developed weakness in the muscles of my thighs (not a listed side effect) and I quickly weaned myself off that Pharmaceutical magic bullet. I also started reading voraciously everything I could find on hormones and a sort of metamorphosis began. I think things have changed in 10 years as there are great sites that offer women explanations for their changing bodies like Women to Women and,  but at that time it was hard to find anything in the conventional media about those pesky hormones. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that no one mentioned the unmentionable-menopause.

I think it is vital that when you find yourself sitting in the middle of your livingroom floor crying for no reason, when you can’t sleep because you are having panic attacks in the middle of the night, you look first at your thyroid numbers (all five of them do not settle for just TSH) and then balance your raging hormones or vice versa.  Compounded bio-identical hormones are the ticket to a successful trip through the next few years for you “lovely” women and Suzanne Somers has researched this subject very thoroughly and has a lot of good facts and figures. You don’t have to buy in to everything she has to say but her basic knowledge is well researched according to my functional medicine doctor. Personally, I believe that my out of balance hormones probably sent my thyroid down a very tortuous route and landed me in thyroid purgatory for many years but that is my theory alone. What I do know is now that my hormones are more balanced my thyroid is suddenly much easier to regulate.

If you are a woman feeling “lovely” in your forties or fifties and wondering why you feel so wacko and out of sorts find yourself a functional medicine doctor and do it yesterday. Functional medicine doctors always have you fill out detailed health histories that can be 25 pages or more in length and your answers are invaluable to them. They will run blood panels that will leave your phlebotomist gasping but again the minutiae of those blood tests will tell them volumes. Why have everyone pointing at you saying you are a little wacko when you are a Peri at heart. You can regain your confidence and feeling of self worth with just a little help.


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