T-Tapp Update

Just a quick update on my T-Tapp exercise program. About five weeks ago I injured my back and the unusual result of that back injury was profound dizziness. I was needless to say, scared to do Total Workout Slow again, so I took some time off exercise until I was healed and the dizziness went away.
I did have a chiropractic adjustment about three weeks ago and with the subluxation corrected my dizziness went away and the injury healed totally.
I then slowly got back in to the T-Tapp program and I am trying very hard not to overdo as that is my temptation i.e. if they say hold your upper body rigid I hold it so hard I ache. I am doing the Lady Bug Workout, the Total Workout tweaked to help menopausal women with their trouble spots.
Yesterday, I went to the chiropractor for a followup and I was in great shape, no subluxation. My conclusion is my injury was not caused by the T-Tapp Total Workout but by a damaged scapula (wing scapula) from years ago. My intuition tells me that the pain I had may have been stimulation of the damaged nerve that supports the muscle that normally keeps your scapula in place but mine doesn’t. I think the entire issue may have made the area stronger in the long run. In the short term, it caused a pulling of muscles in my back that subluxated my neck and that may have contributed to the dizziness according to John Hilpisch.
That is the latest on T-Tapp. I still love it and so many things are better since I started that I can wholeheartedly endorse her exercise program. Listen to Teresa when she says “only go to your max” there is really nothing to be proved by hurting yourself and being forced to give up your favorite exercise program.


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