Soak Those Nuts

This isn’t commonly known but if you eat nuts like walnuts, pecan, almonds, hazelnuts, etc. you should give them a good soak in filtered water and salt for 6 hours or even overnight, let them sprout slightly in a colander where they are draining and then gently dry at your ovens lowest setting or preferably dehydrate them in an Excalibur dehydrator.
Soaking them neutralizes the enzyme inhibitors making them far more digestible. With the enzymes increased the B Vitamins will be utilized more completely by your body. If nuts ever bother your digestive tract soaking them will virtually eliminate this issue but keep in mind if you have nut allergies, you will still have an allergic reaction.
Generally to effectively remove the enzyme inhibitors you need to add a good handful of sea salt to a large bowl of filtered cold water. Put the raw nuts in the salty water, soak them overnight, drain them and dehydrate or dry at low heat in your oven until they are crisp and totally dry.
If soaking them seems like too much work even roasting them lightly will remove some of the enzyme inhibitors and help your body benefit from all that nuts have to offer.


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