Opening Closed Doors

I was thinking this morning that my pendulum has been safely stored away recently but it is a shame to only use it when you are looking for answers to your health, so I have taken it out and will ask for divine intervention regarding more simple questions like “should I plant pepper seeds today?” or “is it to my higher good to quit my job?”(I think I know what my higher self would answer that question with, so that might not be a good question to ask)

A pendulum can be any kind of object that you relate to or like that will move back and forth if placed on a chain or leather strap. I use a lovely piece of amber that not only feels silky smooth but provides just enough weight to respond to my questions. Crystals work very well, some people use silver or metal  but since rods are also used for divining I am guessing you could use anything to open the closed doors to your inner self, so long as it can respond to your question with movement.

It might seem sacriligious, evil or too spooky to try but you are simply tapping in to the inner workings of your mind much like muscle testing does in Kinesiology you are able to dig deeper and get answers you didn’t know were stored away. We only use a small part of our brains and divining just allows you to use another small bit of that gray matter tapping in to a room guarded by a closed door. The room is your higher self and dowsing opens the door very easily.

There is a great site that explains pendulum dowsing with a downloadable pamphlet. Walt Woods gives you charts and exercises and a brief history of dowsing (divining) that will help you tremendously. In brief, you will need a pendulum, a string, chain, or strap and a quiet room where you can concentrate. Walt gives you charts to train your pendulum but when I first started I hung my pendulum in front of me and asked it to show me a “yes” a “no” and a “maybe”. It would change some from day to day, so you always need to ask until you have programmed it with Walt’s charts.

I think it is great for food sensitivities, so let’s say you think you are allergic or sensitive to eggs. You would simply ask first if your pendulum is ready. On the odd day when you get no response put the pendulum down and wait a day to use it again. When you get a “yes” or “ready” response then you can ask the question “Would eating an egg right now be to my higher good?” if you get a “no” response you could then ask “Would eating an egg later in the day be to my higher good?” If you then get a “no” response you could continue with “Are eggs to my higher good?” If you get a “no” that is pretty clearly your signal that eggs are not good for you, at least for now. You could give them up for awhile and try them again in 6 months or ask your pendulum in 6 months if eggs are to your higher good.

Dowsing isn’t for everyone and you always need to be very respectful toward the skill. You never ask question that predict the future. You never ask about someone else unless you have been asked by that person to help them. Always ask the pendulum to tell you if it is to your higher good to tell a friend about dowsing before you just blurt out a story about your new skill. Their reactions can vary from total amazement to thinking you need a trip to the local shrink and you never know who will react one way or the other. You may choose not to share it with anyone but in any case opening the closed doors of your mind has never been more fascinating.


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