Bugged by Mosquitoes

Read all about it, people are sharing possible mosquito repellent ideas that aren’t repellent to those of us who prefer a natural approach to the chemical one. Some people are finding that 600 mg of Kyolic Odorless Garlic taken each morning will keep the little buggers at bay. Others from mosquito laden countryside like Alaska report that taking Thiamine in a dose of 500-1000 mg every four to six hours works very effectively. Dr. Wright shares these tips and states that this dose of Thiamine is safe but may cause sleepiness in some individuals.

If you are partial to lotions and potions at Mercola.com they sell a bug repellant, Bug Off, that I have found quite effective, it smells good and is good for children and pets as well. Many people say that avoiding sugar will keep them away or that body heat attracts them, so the lower your normal body temperature the less tempting you are. Whatever your particular attraction to the venomous little creatures take heart there are possible treatments that work and if one doesn’t work for you try another. That which doesn’t kill you (and none of these will) might help!


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