“Pre-Conception Healthcare”

If you are thinking about getting pregnant having a complete blood panel done BEFORE you get pregnant may be the best thing you can do to assure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. In fact, many holistic physicians feel a complete physical should be required before you become pregnant as well as testing for metal toxicity, molds, electromagnetic fields and STD testing.

Let’s start with the most important test first. You should have your Thyroid tested. This does not mean getting just a TSH reading this means getting a complete thyroid panel including Free T3 and Free T4. Hypothyroidism in an expectant mother can lead to miscarriage of the fetus, a lower IQ of the child as they grow and potentially Down’s Syndrome.

Correcting your hypothyroid condition may be as simple as correcting underfunctioning adrenal glands (can be checked with a saliva hormone test) as according to Joe Mercola it is often the cause of an under functioning thyroid gland. If adrenal health is adequate but your T3 and T4 are not normal or your TSH is higher than a reading of 2 (normal is between 1 and 2)then you may need to take Dessicated Thyroid (Armour, Nature-Throid, Westhroid) but under most circumstances do not fall for the advice to take synthetic T4 only (Synthroid, or the generic Levothyroxine) as it has been my experience that that is a slippery slope to taking more and more thyroid medication with no possibility of resolution or improvement.

Next have your Vitamin D3 (25 OH(D)) levels tested. You should have a level near or exceeding 50 ng/ml to stay healthy and provide an environment that is healthy for the fetus to develop in. It is thought in certain circles that low Vitamin D3 levels in the mother could lead to autism in the baby and this would not be noticed until the child is nearing their third birthday.

If your levels are low it may be prescribed by your physician that you take doses up to 50,000 mg until your levels are 50 ng/ml or above. These are hefty doses and are generally only taken over a few months, a week at a time until your levels are normal. If your levels are low do not attempt to get pregnant until your levels are at least 50 ng/ml and do not take these high doses without a physician monitoring your D levels.

Toxins are a very real threat to the health of your unborn child Mercury being chief among these toxins that can harm your fetus.  There are tests for heavy metal toxicity and if you have amalgam fillings you should have these safely removed and replaced before considering pregnancy.

Should tests for metal toxicity show that you have toxic levels you need to know the metals that you have accumulated and then follow detoxification protocol including removal of silver fillings. Taking chlorella, drinking Cilantro tea or taking Cilantro tincture is an easy thing to do and will cause your body to get rid of the heavy metals. Far Infrared Sauna will also aid the detoxification process and allows the toxins to exit via your skin instead of poisoning your already challenged liver.

Dr. Deitrich Klinghardt recommends an Electro-magnetic field test before getting pregnant. This means testing the areas where you sleep and work for EM fields and protecting yourself from the affects of EMFs. He recommends turning the fuses off to the electricity in your bedroom at night, he will not allow cordless phones in the homes of his patients planning on becoming pregnant and feels strongly that exposing the unborn fetus to undue EMF stress is a huge contributor to behavioral problems in children not to mention cancers and other devastating problems. He does recommend a netting that can be put around your bed much like a mosquito netting that will stop the onslaught of EMF waves which sounds exotic to me but I can see the benefit since I have a “techy” husband who will not turn off the cell phones at night and leaves them by his side at all times not to mention the cordless phones that dot our countertops throughout the house.

It all sounds terribly difficult but it is not impossible and going in to your pregnancy with a healthy body could and will save you years and years of problems or perhaps better said, challenges with your as of now unborn, hopefully unconceived child. You really must dare to conceive the inconceivable.


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  1. Great post! I loved all the specifics on testing. That netting stuff sounds great too for emf protection. I’m going to look into that:) my husband is also a super techie and sometimes I wonder how much the constant emf’s are contributing to my chronic issues. Tension related stuff mostly in my neck and jaw which I believe is related to my thyroid. I appreciate your time and the info!


  2. I recently attended the Health Freedom Expo in Chicago where Dr. Mercola and others spoke on low vitamin D levels. Dr. Mayer Eisenstein also spoke on getting the D levels up. His website is http://www.homefirst.com. He recently did a vitamin D webinar, and it is through his webinar that I found out the Rx vitamin D is not that great.

    I took 50,000 IU of vitamin D for 4 weeks with the Rx, and Dr. Eisenstein said 50,000 IU Rx vitamin D basically only amounted to 5,000 IU since the Rx Vitamin D is D2, whereas the supplements I was taking were the recommended D3 vitamin. By the time the D2 converts to the D3, a person is only getting 5,000 IU of D per week when they think they are getting 50,000 IU per week!

    Mercola said he was going to start offering the vitamin D testing sometime in the future. I have been ordering my tests from http://www.lef.org. since my insurance does not pay for testing.

    Mercola also told us that we should refrain from washing off the D from our skin by taking a bath for 48 hours after being in the sun. So the only thing I can figure out is to wash under the armpits! [smile]

    You may be able to access Dr. Mayer Eisensteins’s Vitamin D webinar in his archives.

    Just thought I would pass on this information.

    People that are wanting to remove fillings can find information, counseling and a list of safe biological dentists by contacting DAMS, Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions in Minnesota. The phone number is 651-644-4572. I am on their Board of Directors. Leo Cashman, the Executive Director, is very knowledgeable about holistic dentistry and the pitfalls surrounding the removal of mercury fillings when done by dentists who are not safe.


    • Posted by krisinsight on 7:42 at Wednesday, July 22, 2009

      Hi Marie,
      Thanks for the well thought out reply. I am so jealous as I would love to hear Mercola speak sometime. I think we should get him to come to Minnesota!
      I recently bought the Sunsplash Vitamin D wall tanning system from Mercola and I intend to test its effectiveness this winter. Many of the experts seem opposed to taking Vitamin D supplements but in Minnesota our sunshine is only good for a few months so a supplement seems like the only answer for some people. You do know, if you live in MN, that Health East does Vitamin D testing for $40 and you don’t need insurance to pay for it. You can walk in to the lab at Woodwinds or any Health East hospital and request a Vitamin D test. I think that is fabulous.
      I also warn people about Cod liver oil supplementation as Krispin Sullivan and others feel it has a disproportionate amount of Vit A and it throws the natural balance off.
      As for showering off the Vitamin D there isn’t any need for soap anywhere but the underarm and groin, so that seems like a no brainer to me. However, some people will be put off by that one as it all gets too complicated.


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