I have ordered dehydrated aloe from www….

I have ordered dehydrated aloe from http://www.goodcausewellness.com and as soon as it arrives I will mix no more than a 1/16 teaspoon with water and use it to brush my teeth. Aloe is very antibacterial and good for your gums. It also is a natural way to whiten your teeth. I have used it fresh from my livingroom plant and my teeth feel smooth and clean the whiteness or lack thereof may be subjective, so I will not pass judgment on that.
Some people feel it is a very healthy addition to their morning smoothie (Mike Adams the Health Ranger) but that is not my purpose for this experiment and I am going to spit it out. I have found that minty fresh taste in most commercial toothpastes is too overwhelming after not using them for a year or more, so while aloe is slightly bitter, when you expectorate any of it left in your mouth the taste simply isn’t there.
I will keep those of you who are interested up to date with my findings and try to figure the cost of using this product from Good Cause Wellness.


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