I was just reviewing my Tweets and I men…

I was just reviewing my Tweets and I mentioned the pork I was making for last night’s supper and it was superb. I used Pasture’s A Plenty sirloin pork chops which is always a good choice and available in the Twin Cities. To start you pick your fresh sage leaves from the garden, rinse and dry them. Place a good coating of grapeseed oil in a pan and saute the sage leaves until fragrant and slightly crispy but not burned. Remove the leaves and set aside. Next sliver two cloves of fresh garlic and gently saute them in the same grapeseed oil and remove. You now have a tasty and fragrant oil to saute your pork in testing for doneness by pressing on them as they cook to the point where they just barely resist your fingertip pressure. Then add back the sage and garlic and warm everything. Squeeze the juice of one lemon over the pan and swirl to mix and dislodge any particle stuck to the pan. Serve by removing the pork and placing on warmed plate, top with sage and garlic. Stir the remaining sauce in the pan to incorporate all the goodness left behind and pour gently over the top. Voila! Le diner extraordinaire.


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