Breast Cancer Prevention

In my morning reading and catching up on email that has come in while I was on vacation I ran across a great little column from John Cannell, M.D. announcing a seminar titled “New Diagnosis and Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency” to be held in Toronto Canada November 3, 2009.
The remarkable thing as far as I was concerned was not the seminar but the opening sentence and I quote “Change ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ to ‘Breast Cancer Prevention Month’ and carries on to say “It’s time, the tools are at hand, it just takes our combined efforts.”
Bravo Dr. Cannell and associates who are setting up this seminar as we really do need to spread the word. I have felt for sometime that we need to stress prevention and that all the money that goes to research labs who are trying to find “the cure” for a disease we don’t ever have to suffer the ravages of are mostly a waste of funds.
If you want to do a good deed for your children, for your grandchildren and their children, just spread the word PREVENTION along with the vital information regarding Vitamin D3 and its beneficial properties.
If you haven’t had your Vitamin D3 levels tested get it done. If your levels are below the acceptable range of 40-60 ng/ml you can simply take Vitamin D3 in the winter and expose your skin to sunshine for 20 minutes a day in the summer. You may need to be more aggressive to get your levels up to a level where there is actual preventive properties, i.e. prescription strength Vitamin D.
Personally, I am going to use the Mercola Sunsplash Renew for the winter months as there is a strong feeling that supplementation really isn’t utilized very effectively by the human body and this system is as close to sun on your skin as you can achieve.
However you choose to do it, get your Vitamin D3 levels within a normal range and spread the word that prevention is really the key to the ravages of breast cancer and ignore any ignorance you face. In this case, ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is breast cancer and all that goes with it.


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