The Gall of Malfunctioning Organs

Let me ask you two or three questions. First, do you ever have a sharp pain under your right shoulder blade in your back? Second, if you press on your last rib on your right side does it feel sore, almost bruised and is there a sense of fullness on this side? Third, when you have a bowel movement do the contents of the toilet bowl float or sink? Now that the questions are out of the way I will explain.

For sometime I had experienced a sense of fullness or slightly achy feeling on my right side but I ignored it. I would occasionally get a sharp pain in my right scapular region but I paid it no heed because I have what is termed a “wing scapula” and I blamed the pain on that. As for the toilet bowl I will ask one more question. Did you know the Germans make toilets specifically so they can check their feces for shape, color and consistency? Yes they do because it is a mirror of what is going on inside your body and mine pointed to gall bladder problems and I ignored all the signs until I filled out the 1000 page (or so it seemed) questionnaire my functional medicine doctor required for entrance in to his practice. That is when it all came together and I realized I have a congested gall bladder and most likely gallstones.

I have a very strong conviction that God gave us our organs for specific purposes and I object to the notion that we can just pop them out with no consequences, so I have been hanging on to my slightly less than normal gall bladder. In the attempt I have found some things that seem to irritate said gall bladder and other things that seemingly help, so I thought I might help someone else recognize and treat their own congested gall bladder by sharing this information with my readers. I will remind you that I am not a medical doctor and this information is just to educate not to prescribe.

I will start by explaining why I might have gall bladder problems. I am over forty and I would say I am slightly overweight, so those are two factors that fit the profile. I have hypothyroid issues and probably have for years, some of which were undiagnosed years, so I was under treated. Hypothyroidism leads to gall bladder problems and a under functioning digestive system (celiacs disease for instance). I bet you didn’t know that because I didn’t know it for many years. I speculate with the third cause but I had my appendix removed 20 years ago and I think it has lead to digestive issues and thus to the congested gall bladder. Your appendix is your last line to defense and I have lost that defensive mechanism.

Now having listed some causes, I would like to share some treatments that might help you save your gall bladder. I have found a recommendation by Joe Mercola to be the best by far. It is a supplement by Biotics Research called Beta-TCP. It contains Vitamin C, Taurine, Pancrelipase, Beet Concentrate, Superoxide Dismutase and Catalase with some other ingredients to hold it together like the dreaded stearic acid. When I take a tablet with every meal I nearly eliminate all symptoms. I recently got away from taking it with every meal and things are a little irritated but I trust they will improve.

It seems that avoiding pork makes a big difference and I can’t explain why that is but it could be the fat. I do not digest fats properly much of the time and I know this by looking in the toilet bowl. As disgusting as you might find discussing your feces it is important to know that floaters in the toilet bowl are not a sign of good digestion as it means you are not absorbing the fats in your diet and they are passing through. Oily, floating feces is a sure sign of gall bladder problems. Too much fat especially from fatty meat will overload the system and cause the formation of gallstones.

It also is apparent that the more vegetables I eat and the less meat the better I feel and that comes from a meat eater and a protein metabolic type. Gluten seems to irritate everything for me, so avoidance of that ingredient helps my gall bladder as well as other organs. I eat only good fats like coconut, olive oil, grassfed raw butter and grapeseed oil but I am still working out which oils agree and which ones don’t. I have used castor oil poultices with some success. I am also unclear about high doses of Vitamin C but I do take Vitamin C Foundation vitamin C powder as it is manufactured in the USA and is not sourced from corn.

Lastly, I take Alpha Lipoic Acid and a Vitamin B complex by Metabolic Maintenance  for a healthy liver and pancreas and if you keep your liver functioning as it should everything else will work better and more efficiently. One could say that the ALA and Vitamin B Complex is not specific to my gall bladder but they are good supplements for everyone to take and it can’t hurt.

In conclusion, if you answered “yes” to the first two questions in paragraph one and “float” to the last one please don’t just assume that you need your gall bladder removed. As long as your symptoms are not accompanied by high fever, chills, extreme pain and vomiting there are things you can do to help your gall bladder and you can live for many years with your organs firmly in place. Remember there are good reasons for every organ the human body contains and it is not true that you really don’t need this or that bit. We need them all and removal of organs compromises the entire organism. We can live with compromises but it is better to live with all organs intact.


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