There’s No Immunity Like Good Immunity

I am sad today because I just heard that the son of a person I used to work with is in the hospital on oxygen. He is a bright and cheerful 6 year old who has just started kindegarten and I pray he will survive the pneumonia that has put him in the hospital. Of course, he becomes an H1N1 statistic because it allegedly started with the  H1N1 virus but really he is a victim of an uninformed, very proud mother.

Mother, as I will call her, boldly asserts when asked if she has breast fed her babies “breasts are for playing with not for feeding” and she has refused to breast feed her two children. They start from day one on soy formula, a known “poison” for babies that weakens their immune systems and has had that affect on both of her children. She always refers to both of them as healthy but she is living in a make believe world. Both children, one boy and one girl, are constantly ill with every bug that goes around. Her daughter is only two years old and has spent countless nights in ER with dehydration from a strange disorder that causes her to start throwing up and she cannot stop. She is now on acid reflux meds and somehow that just seems perfect to me as that will most assuredly set her up for a life of weakened immunity. Her son has had nightly erections since he was tiny and I can only assume the hormones in everything he eats and drinks from the day he was born have had this effect on his poor little body. (yes, I do know that little boys have erections but not with this regularity and severity)

Mother, in all her wisdom has had her children inoculated against influenza which, again, increased the likelihood of her little boy being struck down by H1N1, the flu. It is known that the flu vaccine often diminishes otherwise healthy immune systems. Will anyone mention the vaccines he has already had at his tender age? No, they will only repeat and repeat that this little boy is in the hospital with H1N1 and isn’t getting enough oxygen to his brain without help. Dammit! I am too sad.

Mother happily allows the children out in the sunshine but ignorantly only after they have been slathered with poisonous ingredients commonly referred to as “sunscreen”. She knows better than to let the sun shine on their unexposed skin because a “relative died of a skin cancer” (don’t even get me started), so they are covered from head to foot with clothing or lotion. I can only imagine what their Vitamin D levels are and though I have off offhandedly remarked several times to her that we are all severely lacking in Vitamin D I am sure her children have never seen a Vitamin D3 capsule and they certainly have never had a blood test to check their levels of D3.

Mother, is an educated person with a dental degree, so education is not the problem as I see it. Our world is the problem and our government insisting on the Food Pyramid that stresses anything but healthy whole food. Our world that puts raw milk dairy farmers out of business and thus removes healthy food from the tables of countless families. Our world where the President declares a national emergency for a strain of flu that is actually milder than most strains of flu and most experts agree we have already seen the worst of . However, this “emergency” allows for FEMA to put in to place the mandatory flu vaccine that we have so far escaped and many other rules and regulations should they so desire.  Our world where we have been very ill informed about the sun and its benefits; thus our children are severely low in Vitamin D and have little chance of fighting off anything much less the flu. How about instituting a national Vitamin D emergency and doing some real good.

As for Mother she needs to venture outside her very enclosed box of reality, her extremely small world of allopathic medicine and foolish government food pyramids. Firstly, her children need their mother on her days off to just play with them or read books and reduce their daily intake of stress. They need good wholesome home cooked meals not supper from a box or a drive-up where the hormone count mounts and their immune system is taxed just trying to fight all those nasty additives and preservatives. I pray to a higher power that this little boy gets to go home but more than that I pray that Mother will see the light and start all over again to raise her children in a healthier world than they have thus far experienced. It is never too late even if she can’t go back and breast feed them. Go ahead Mother turn over a new leaf and restore their immune systems making them fighting fit when the next so-called “pandemic” (check it out; WHO has redefined what the word means) strikes because I assure you it will, seasonal flu occurs every year.


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