Autumn Parasite Cleanse…

I am starting my autumn parasite cleanse and will also treat the dogs. I tincture Black Walnut hulls from green walnuts in late summer while the fruit is still soft and almost gel like. Tansy grows wild in most pesticide free fields and Wormwood grows in the wild in Minnesota, so both of those are picked fresh, crushed in to jars to the rim, vodka added to the very top (no air in jar) and sealed. The clove tincture can be made with cloves in a ratio of 1 ounce clove to 4 ounces of vodka according to Susun Weed. I have now added Peppermint tincture to the cleansing tincture and make it according to the fresh herbs listed above but that is my own recipe not to be attributed to Hulda Clark or Susun Weed.
I initiate the tincture process under the new moon and bottle approximately 6 weeks later but under a full moon. These also can be kept in bottles with the herbs for as long as you wish or until you need the tincture.
Once your tinctures are ready you can take them several different ways but I will list two that I have tried or am trying. Hulda Clark suggests building up to 2 tsp a day of the parasite cleanse tincture and her capsules for two weeks. I have never taken the tincture at that strength and I use all tincture and no capsules. However, this time I am trying the Hulda Clark method of 2 teaspoons a day of the tincture. I did gradually  start with a dropper three times a day for two days before starting 1 teaspoon and then upped it to the 2 teaspoons for the remainder of the 2 weeks. Years ago my naturopath suggested a dropper three times a day for 10 days. I have used this method many times with no adverse side effects just a general feeling of wellness, so hopefully I will be able to decide which method I prefer after this cleanse.
When I start the cleanse for my pups it will be one dropper per day on their food or with a bit of kefir which they slurp up with relish. I am going to add a bit of parsley water per Hulda Clark to their food as she says it cleanses the kidneys of the dead parasite detritus. Even if it doesn’t, parsley is a good tonic for anyone and helps with bad breath, so once again what doesn’t hurt might help.

I think in this season of flu and colds (and general panic on the part of the public being initiated by the media) a good cleanse can only help keep us healthy and fighting fit.


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  1. I found your comments to be informative and will begin this parasite cleanse for one of my dogs who has been diagnosed with lympnode cancer. Thank you for sharing your information.


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