Are You Getting Enough Iodine?

I thought the following article might be of interest to some and a good follow-up to yesterdays entry regarding the joy of doing an Iodine Loading test. I have to say that collecting voids all day and early this morning was not the highlight of the 24 hours but now that it is packaged up and ready to go whenever FedEx arrives I am anxious to see what the test reveals.

In the past I have had quite a negative reaction to Lugol’s solution and thus was a little hesitant about taking a large dose of Iodoral. However, I seemed to handle the Iodoral just fine with no side effects, so if I had to guess the test will prove my need for supplemental iodine and I will take Iodoral for several months to get my levels up to normal.

Read the article I have attached if you have an interest in learning more about Iodine and its effect on your body and take the test, after all to void is not so bad, to collect quite easy and to mail, FedEx. Enough said.

Are You Getting Enough Iodine?.


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