It’s a One Two Punch

I promised a review of Suzanne Somer’s latest book “Knockout” and I am anxious to carry out my promise. It is a book everyone should have in their library and even if you don’t read you might find yourself referring to page after page of cancer specialists if you ever face the little devil ravaging your body.

Suzanne Somers is no stranger to rapidly dividing cells  and she certainly isn’t unfamiliar with the allopathic world of medicine that all of us deal with. Her stated mission is to share what she knows in that off chance it might help someone who finds themselves in a situation like the one she faced. The book begins with her rather horrific situation of contracting a disease that few know anything about, Valley Fever, and being wrongly diagnosed and treated. She rightly states that if this could happen to her with all of her fame and connections it could happen to anyone. When I read that I found myself feeling very afraid because she is so correct. If faced with the conditions she was faced with the average person would blindly follow every prescription handed out by your doctors and never even blink an eye. Luckily for her she knew Jonathon Wright very well and when she called him he told her to do whatever she needed to do but to get out of the hospital immediately. I wouldn’t know how to call Jonathon Wright and he wouldn’t talk to me if I did.

The chapters that deal with several specialists and their specific alternative cancer treatments are riveting. Names like Burzynski, Gonzalez, Wright, Blaylock, Schmidt, Galitzer, Paul, Goldberg, Taguchi, etc. should be in your hard file and they will be permanently within your reach if you have this book on your shelves. Their patients have written essays at the end of each chapter to tell their story and you will be slack jawed with awe at some of the success stories. People who were told they had days or weeks to live at esteemed institutions like the Mayo Clinic but who are here 17 years later to tell their story. In some cases these same patients were willing to come thousands of miles to defend the person who had saved their lives as happened with Dr. Burzynski in Texas. Our government, specifically our wise and wonderful FDA, tried to put him in jail and his patients flocked to Texas to defend him with their amazing stories of surviving some of the worst cases of cancer.

I can’t recommend this book enough to the people I love and care about. I want it on my library shelves with a big orange sticker on it to guide my spouse to it should anything ever happen to me and I am somehow left with no control over the situation. I never want someone to inject me with chemotherapeutic drugs or to be forced to accept categorically some ill thought out treatment or diagnosis from physicians I don’t know and may not trust.

If you think that your general practitioner is not influenced by Big Pharma and all the drugs they produce, think again and ask them. Ask them if you were facing cancer of the breast or lung would they recommend traditional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation or would they be able to think outside the box. Ask them and if they say that is the only way to successfully treat cancer, run, don’t walk to the nearest exit and never look back.

Should you read “Knockout”? Most definitely yes, but be prepared for an epiphany. If you aren’t up for an”Aha” moment, if you feel like allopathic medicine is the only road to health then don’t even open the book.


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