Prodigious Sunshine Vitamin

As it is Oscar day I will couch this in Oscar terms and tell it to you like this: And the Oscar winner in the category of “raising Vitamin D levels”  goes to Mercola’s Sunsplash Renew. This little marvel not only works for Vitamin D it leaves your skin with a healthy glow and rejuvenates facial collagen. Come on up here and receive your golden Oscar! Well it would go something like that if there were awards for things that can help to improve your health, alas there are not, so writing this week’s blog will have to suffice.

Yesterday as I perused my incoming on my laptop I noticed these words “Your test results are available” and I knew, even if you haven’t a clue, what that meant. A little over a week ago I pricked my fourth finger and dropped crimson hemoglobin on a small sheet of paper specifically made for testing this vital fluid called blood. I let it dry 30 minutes and sent it off to Grassroots Health. With this online notice I knew it had arrived at its destination and now my test results were available to be viewed. I went to the site with some amount of trepidation. Yes, you read that right, trepidation.

At the end of August the summer of 2009 I had my first blood test through Grassroots Health and my levels were a remarkably good 65ng/ml (although Krispin Sullivan thought these were marginally too high). Through the summer I had spent my 20 minutes in the sun with full body exposure (I have a really private back deck, or at least I hope it is really private). My only other source of Vitamin D was my Vital Choice Salmon Oil and it has some 400 mg of Vitamin D per serving because salmon have some natural Vitamin D. As of September I entered the dark period in Minnesota otherwise known as autumn and winter, a period of time when we cannot manufacture Vitamin D from skin exposure to sun no matter how good it feels. According to Google Earth the latitude at my house is exactly 45 degrees.

In August with the expenditure of some inherited money I had become the proud owner of a Mercola Sunsplash Renew and as a test of Joe Mercola’s honesty and integrity I wanted to do no supplementing except to do what they tell you to do “stand in front of the lamps three times a week, 10 minutes a time”. I always showered before the session, so I wouldn’t need to expose my skin to water for at least 24 hours and never used soap for 36 hours on the body parts that absorb the rays, so it would not be washed off before being effective. I did for a few weeks stand for 10 minutes on each side (front and back) but 20 minutes was too long for a naked karaoke performance, just ask my SO, so that was short lived but admittedly my tan got better and much to my surprise I learned the words to almost every Michael Buble song.

As the months stretched ahead of me and then gradually behind me I was getting apprehensive about my D levels. There was a part of me that feared they might go even higher but mostly I was concerned that they had plummeted and then what would I do to get them back to optimum levels and what would I have to say to my readers about Joe Mercola’s credibility, I have put a lot of trust in what the man has to say without being a sycophant.

In the middle of February we went for a road trip to northern Florida. We were only there 4 days and those 4 days were some of the many that area had this winter (2010) that were unseasonably cold. We did expose our skin to the sunshine for as much as we could stand but when the winds started to whip up off the Gulf we ran for cover. At that latitude I am not sure one is producing Vitamin D by sun exposure in February but even if we were we weren’t in the sun very much and when we were we had clothing covering much of our bodies.

Once home I did the test and yesterday afternoon I went to typed in my email address and my password, clicked and there they were, my Vitamin D levels from last August and from February 2010. Whoops! What? 92ng/ml my mind went wild thinking about what disease I might have, what anomaly is causing me to create copious Vitamin D? I immediately shot a query off to my adrenal fatigue discussion group asking if hypothyroidism or adrenal fatigue could cause this perplexing problem. They evidently thought I was off in La-La Land because my note appeared and then disappeared never to be answered. I frantically thought of writing Mercola but he has made it quite clear that he doesn’t answer personal health questions and my doctor is only in Tuesday through Thursday, so there wasn’t much chance of reaching anything but the drone of his office manager telling me to call “911 if this is an emergency”. Where or where or who might be able to tell me something, anything? Aha! Kerri at Immune Health Newsletter somehow came in to view on my search radar and I clicked. Ooh, a place for questions but they have to be approved, so I decided I could wait days if need be but I needed to know if I should be calling a specialist or just 911.

I sent my note off in to the ethernet and you know what? Kerri answered me within an hour. I think I love her. She not only approved of my entry, she answered it and said it would make a great addition to her site’s discussion. She then went on to basically tell  me that my note sounded like I was worried about something being wrong and I could hear a very welcome giggle in her voice when she wrote “Your levels are just slightly above optimum. So, there is not something abnormal going on that your body is storing it, it’s just doing what vitamin d does when it doesn’t need it for the moment.” It stores it until needed.

Dear reader, with that answer from Kerri and a night of reflection I feel Sunsplash Renew has earned the Golden Oscar of Health which is actually more important than anything Hollywood can hand out.  Personally I am laying off the karaoke paring down my Sunsplash sessions to perhaps one time a week and as we enter our late spring and summer I will discontinue using it altogether. I do feel that my high levels have protected me this winter as despite my contact with sick patients and fellow employees in the dental office I have remained amazingly flu and cold free. When the H1N1 scare was all the buzz I stocked up on herbal remedies for immunity but refused any insane inclination to have a flu vaccination. Not only did I not need the much lauded vaccination, I have had no need for the herbal tinctures or even my Eby’s Cold Cure and that is despite quite a few hypothyroid challenges in the last months.

I had no idea what my D levels would do over the dark months but I trekked on with a bit of silly blind faith and a sense of healthy adventure and as the light becomes noticeable at the end of this dark tunnel I push forward with a happy heart and will be preaching my lesson learned, use the Sunsplash Renew to obtain optimal levels of Vitamin D.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Amanda on 12:51 at Thursday, July 1, 2010

    Hi there,

    I have been researching Dr. Mercola’s Sunsplash and came across your blog and I read that you said it gave you a “glow” but did you tan at all from it? Thanks in advance!


    • Posted by Kris on 13:55 at Friday, July 2, 2010

      I did tan Amanda but it was so gradual that I didn’t notice. My friends and co-workers noticed and commented many times. I have what I might call an Irish complexion, so I would never be darkly tanned but I have color and my skin moved in to spring and summer very nicely having used the Sunsplash all winter. I have yet to burn from the sun (I did just receive a caustic burn from the medicinal herb rue and will address that in my next blog.) and I am exposed to the sun nearly every day gardening and sitting outside. I hope that answers your question and I would be happy to answer any other questions you might have.


      • Posted by Amanda on 18:09 at Friday, July 2, 2010

        Thank you for answering my question so thoroughly, I’m definitely purchasing the Sunsplash now. And on a side note; since stumbling on your website I’ve really enjoyed reading your other blogs and found them to be very informative as well. Thanks again and have a great weekend!

      • Posted by Kris on 8:53 at Saturday, July 3, 2010

        Happy Fourth of July to you Amanda, have fun and be safe.

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