Test Your Vitamin D Levels

I got to thinking today that many, many people are still not testing their levels of Vitamin D and I don’t get it. It is the easiest thing to do and many hospital labs are doing it without doctor’s orders and for a reasonable cost of around $50.
Then the thought occurred to me that maybe people don’t see the benefit in keeping their D levels optimal, so I am going to share just a few of the many studies out there that point to dis-ease prevention just by taking your vitamin D3 or, as I do, use the Mercola Sunsplash Renew. Check out these links:





Now if these articles aren’t enough proof that you need to optimize your D levels you can read more at Joe Mercola’s site or John Cannell, M.D.’s site. However, if you are already convinced of the necessity of finding out what your levels are you can order the tests online through the Vitamin D Council website and Canary Club. My local hospital will run a blood test for Vitamin D without a doctor’s orders as well as these online sites. You do need to be sure the lab uses LabCorp for their testing as Quest has proven to be questionable in some cases (so much so that there is a test currently being performed to see how much they differ), so when you go in or call just ask them what lab they use. Healtheast here in Minnesota uses the Mayo Clinic for their Vitamin D testing and the Mayo Clinic uses LabCorp.
Summer is almost here and if after your tests you find your levels are not optimum (40-65 ng/ml and you really should be in the upper range of that scale) summer sunshine on your bare skin for just 20 minutes a day will work miracles. You will be fighting fit in no time at all and enjoy the warmth and mood improvement of getting a little sunshine every day.


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