Recovery Time

I have just returned from 5 days on an isolated Idaho mountainside and the crush of humanity in the big city is almost but not quite overwhelming me. If you have never experienced the mountains of south central Idaho they are amazing and I highly recommend a visit to the Sun Valley area (Ketchum, Hailey, Stanley, Fairfield) and all the mountains that radiate from that quaint valley of the west.  Thanks to my time in the land where the deer and the antelope play I am now in recovery mode but I have missed my blogging, so I am up and running.

Before I left for my mountain retreat I received my regular order of a supplement I exclusively get from Professional Supplement Center and enclosed in the envelope was what I found to be a very helpful brochure. I always feel if I find something of interest others might also benefit, so the following is quoted from the brochure they sent me with my comments in italics.

A Guide to Taking Supplements

Nutritional supplements should be taken with meals to promote increased absorption. Fat-soluble vitamins (such as Vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamin e and the essential fatty acids linoleic and alpha linoleic acid) should be taken during the day with the meal which contains the most fat. (Vitamin D should also be taken with a fat source)

Amino Acid supplements should be taken on an empty stomach at least an hour before or after a meal, and taken with fruit juice to help promote absorption. When taking an increased dosage of an isolated amino acid, be sure to supplement with (an) amino acid blend.

If you become nauseated when you take tablet supplements, consider taking a liquid form diluted in a beverage or supplementing with HCL (that is hydochloric acid because so many of us have too little stomach acid not too much as often reported.)

If you are taking high doses, do not take the supplements all at one time, but divide them into smaller doses taken throughout the day.

Take mineral supplements away from the highest fiber meals of the day as fiber can decrease mineral absorption.

When taking an increased dosage of an isolated B Vitamin, be sure to supplement with a B complex. (Also if taking something like Alpha Lipoic Acid you need a B complex as ALA lowers your levels of B vitamins according to Dr. Bert Berkson)

When taking nutrients, be sure to take adequate amounts of liquid to mix with digestive juices and prevent side effects.


There are many more caveats to taking supplements but I thought this brochure was a nice summary of cautionary advice.  Later I have a great article to discuss on “cross reactivity problems” for those with celiac disease or at least a sensitivity to grains. I found it informative and I felt it explained some issues I have had and thought I was imagining.

Journeying to your good health,



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