Sunsplash Perfection

I have never been terribly fond of blood and for some reason especially not the blood I draw on my own body but last year I signed up for a five year Vitamin D study and so every 6 months I dutifully push a small but very sharp object called a lancet in to the end of my finger and proceed to milk drops of blood from my fingertip and watch them fall on a small card. They dry for 30 minutes and then I tuck them safely in a small addressed envelope, stick on a stamp and pop it in the post. If I don’t like blood but I poke myself every 6 months and drip the hideous red stuff on a white card why would I do it? Let me explain.

I love to try things for myself and to his credit Dr. Joe Mercola has given me more than enough to experiment with over the years from raw milk and eggs to the Sunsplash Renew and many things in between. I sincerely do not believe in doing things carte blanche but I do believe in doing a bit of research, purchasing things if they make sense and then trying said thing for myself to see what result I get.

Time and time again Mercola has recommended something, I have tried it and voila! it works. I would be lying if I said that is always the case, for instance his B12 spray is cyanocobalamin and hypothyroid people do not assimilate the “cyano” form and are better taking the “methyl” form, so I don’t buy Mercola B12. I am also not fond of his Melatonin spray nor his seemingly fanatic lifestyle . Alas not everything the man espouses is for me. However, my latest success with my Sunsplash Renew has me most impressed and I thought you might like to hear just how well it has worked for me. I do not sell the Sunsplash Renew and I get absolutely no kickback from the product I am just really impressed with the results.

I started the Vitamin D test last summer and my D levels were around 64ng/ml, borderline high by the standards of Krispin Sullivan but others heartily disagree with her. Many experts feel that if you have an autoimmune disease your levels should be closer to 90, to keep you fighting fit. I was reasonably happy with my results in August but upon Krispin’s suggestion I was careful not to use my Sunsplash Renew too much during the winter months, not more than three days a week although sometimes for 10 minutes a side totaling 20 minutes.

When I tested my Vitamin D levels in February they were an astronomically high number of 92ng/ml. I had been quite careful to take only my fish oil as a supplement of Vitamin D and they say one serving has something like 400 mg which in D terms is very little. All my D was coming from standing in my birthday suit in front of my D lamps 10 minutes a day three times a week listening to Michael Buble. I never soap the exposed skin for 36 hours and I don’t shower for 24 hours because like my nemesis fluoride my friendly Vitamin D must stay on the skin and “soak” in. I was doing everything right and that shot my levels up higher than I expected. In fact, that level scared me a bit and I quit using my Sunsplash Renew in March relying on the sun once May rolled around and nothing else.

This summer I have been following a program to correct my under treated hypothyroidism and the T3 only regimen while successful takes a lot out of you. I have had little patience for being in the sun and my tolerance for working in my garden has been slim. This all adds up to very little natural sun exposure and as I said I discontinued my Sunsplash in March, so no natural D there and no fish oil supplementation.

August rolled around and it was time to test my D levels again, so I dutifully dripped blood on the card and sent it in. In a couple of weeks an email arrives stating “Your results are available to be viewed”. I really didn’t know what to expect but what I feared was some kind of skewed result showing my levels were not down but up and I really didn’t know what I was going to do if I exceeded 100ng/ml as 110ng/ml is considered toxic. With some hesitation I went to the Vitamin D Foundation site, typed in my email address and password and with a heavy heart clicked on my results.

Hurrah! They not only were lower they were a lot lower. In January my levels were at 92ng/ml and in August they were 58ng/ml with a range of  32ng/ml-100ng/ml. I felt almost vindicated, like I had done something wrong and had been found innocent of all charges. I was not carrying around some weird disease that raises your D levels to toxic levels and in my estimation my Sunsplash Renew was a total success. These results proved that I had braved a Minnesota autumn and part of a winter full of long, dark, cold days all the while raising my D levels simply by enjoying some warmth and a slight tan at the behest of some fake sunshine in my bedroom.

I’ll be darned if that isn’t about perfect and by the way, so is my Sunsplash Renew. I am back to my regimen of tanning three times a week, 10 minutes a time and loving every minute of it. I fully expect my D levels to be high in February and I will be the healthier for it.


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