Writing from the North Pole?

Ho! Ho! Ho! I am pretty sure I now live in the frozen tundra known as the North Pole. I thought it was Minnesota but after this weekend’s weather event we are a winter wonderland and the only things missing are the elves and all the toys they make.  The good news is for the first time in a long time I feel up to the challenge of a winter that will be colder, snowier and thus even longer than our usual fabulously long, wonderfully cold white season.

I seem to have made a breakthrough in my thyroid treatment and I thought it was time for an update. To briefly refresh my history, I have been treating my hypothyroid condition with a drug called Cynomel. Cynomel is a Triiodothyronine drug or T3 only and most prescription medications for hypothyroidism are T4 (thyroxine) unless you have a very open minded doctor who will prescribe dessicated thyroid which is T1, T2, T3 and T4. My treatment is very controversial in the medical world and even the most broad minded doctors have trouble agreeing that T3 only is a viable solution but when you have  RT3 that is in a disproportionate ratio to your FT3 taking T3 or Cynomel (or Cytomel) is a very real solution to a less than optimally treated thyroid

It is working but it has been a tortuous journey and not one for the feint of heart. I started in late April and had a rough summer with no energy, and lots of anxiety brought about by the T3 not reaching the receptors and a resultant pooling of the T3 in my blood. Due to this “pooling” at one point I went very hyperthyroid which is not fun but the lovely thing is T3 leaves your body much more quickly than any other thyroid meds, so you can decrease and quickly feel better. The most difficult thing that happened was that treating my thyroid taxed my already weak adrenals. Adrenal fatigue was causing all sorts of issues that just could not be resolved until recently.

If you have read any of Suzanne Somer’s books you know that she has adrenal fatigue that requires hydrocortisone, a bio-identical form of the hormone that your adrenals normally produce. Through the years she has tortured her body with her maniacal schedule and lifestyle and now needs hydrocortisone for the rest of her life. My adrenal fatigue pales in comparison but it has made it difficult to get to the optimum level of T3 that I need for my body to run perfectly. Everytime I tried to raise to a level where my body temperatures were good I would go hyper, racing pulse, high temps, tremors in my hand, etc. This in effect was caused by the T3 pooling because my cortisol was not high enough to allow the T3 in to the receptors.

For weeks now I have been close to the optimum amount of T3 but just could not get it perfect and I was showing signs of worsening adrenal fatigue (thanks to my ZRT test I know this for sure). Frustrated I went to my Reverse T3 forum and asked for help. The answer came in the form of Licorice root and Rhodiola and I stand here shaking my head that it was so seemingly simple.

I started taking Nature’s Answer Licorice root extract in the amount of 1 dropperful in the morning and one dropperful with my 11 o’clock T3 dose. According to the bottle that is 2000 mg of licorice root extract. Licorice root will help your adrenals function at a higher level which will in turn assist your adrenals. It may raise your blood pressure, so you must watch your blood pressure to make sure it doesn’t go too high. I think the other cautionary note I would make is that if taken too late in the day it might be too stimulating. I cannot prove that it was but the first day I took it I took it late in the afternoon and I spent a lot of time staring at my bedroom ceiling that night. I occasionally have nights like that, so who is to know if it was the licorice but I will add the cautionary note that licorice root might be stimulating.

A few days later I started taking 200 mg of Rhodiola by GAIA. I take one capsule with my licorice root in the morning and at 11:00. Rhodiola is a mild stimulant, much like ginseng, and it feeds your adrenals. If you have adrenal fatigue Ginseng is not advised because it is hard on the adrenals but Rhodiola will not tax your adrenals and I have found it to be my icing on the proverbial cake.

I am finally using all the T3 I am taking. I have my old energy back. I actually bounce up the stairs or occasionally break in to a dance of celebration. My tremor is almost not noticeable these days unless I find myself in a stressful situation. My hair seems to be falling out much less these days, my basals are around 98.1-98.2  and my daily temps are coming up. I hesitate to say it (because I am slightly superstitious) but I am feeling about as “normal” as a slightly eccentric, middle aged dental hygienist can feel. I think the improvement in my thyroid health is the number one reason for my old self being new again.

Here’s to your good thyroid health,



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