2010 Favorite Things

“O” does it, KS95 did it, and nearly every talk show has their own,so I cannot think of one reason why “K” shouldn’t do it as well. Last week as I wrote my blog I decided that for my last blog entry in 2010 I would look back in my diary and see what I learned. Once I tweaked my memory I could share the insight I gained in the passing of 12 months. Thus was born “K”‘s 2010  favorite things.

I quite honestly have an extensive list of favorite things, so I will have to prune it a bit and share the very best of the best, those things I go to over and over. I would start with a pound bag of Celtic Sea Salt in my favorite things box. Yes, you read that right. Celtic Sea Salt has proven to be the very best thing I have in my arsenal of supplements. I take 1/2 teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt at least two times a day (sometimes more) and I use generously to salt our food. If you have weak adrenals the minerals in the salt and the sodium feed your adrenals and thus also supports good levels of aldosterone. Almost every person with thyroid disease needs Celtic Sea Salt or a good quality grey sea salt. Anything white, even if called sea salt, is processed and thus lacks the benefits of the unprocessed sea salt. In looking back over this year I realized that the sea salt has been an immense help in resolving my heart palpitations (along with taking Cynomel (T3)).

Next from my box of goodies comes the BD thermometer. I love this thing and have not found one to better it for accuracy and ease of use. I also bought a thermometer with mercury from Horse.com but I find it nearly impossible to read with any accuracy. The other thermometer I own is a Geratherm and it is better than the mercury thermometer but not as good as the BD, which works as fast or faster than any of the other ones.

My gall bladder is fortunately (yes, fortunately) an ongoing issue because I refuse to part with it and the best site I have found to help me deal with the problem is Debbie Graefer’s site, so I would somehow pull that out of the box. I have tried several of her ideas and lastly but most successfully found two things that help you deal with what is called a “dumping syndrome”, Cholocal and Assimilaid. They are both very high quality supplements and that is reflected in their price but if you feel you have the symptoms that Debbie describes on her site as “Dumping syndrome” I can tell you from my experience these two used with every meal really do help.  If you have gall bladder problems and you don’t want to surgically remove it, if not Cholocal and Assimilaid, try Debbie’s site I think she has some very useful information that I repeatedly go to for assistance. One caveat is her “customer service” can be less than helpful.

Then I would place several really wonderful books that I have gone to again and again in the past year. “Stop the Thyroid Madness” by Janie Bowthorpe is a must for everybody who even thinks they have a thyroid issue. The next book is one that every woman, and some men, I know should have, “Natural Hormone Balance” by Uzzi Reiss. It has proven to be invaluable to me. You should always be aware of how wrong things can go if you get sick and “Knockout” by Suzanne Somers is a real eye opener and everyone should read it just to be aware of how badly things can go if you just surrender to the world of medical care. It is all about education we simply must educate ourselves and all of Somer’s books do that  but “Knockout” really does open your eyes.

Every box of magical gifts must include some light and fun things and mine would include any book by Elizabeth George. They are lovely books built around a murder but taking place in wonderfully described settings in Great Britain with characters that you love and hate they are so real. Last but not least, the most entertaining  gadget that I would have to place in the box would be a Keurig coffee maker. I am not a huge coffee drinker anymore, so this coffee machine makes perfect sense. It is not a “green” machine as the coffee comes in small containers that must be thrown away but each cup of coffee is fresh and tasty, it never sits and cooks, it is always hot  and the coffee is fresh due to never being exposed to the air until it is brewed. I bought mine slightly used on eBay for $60 and so far it is a beautiful machine. My favorite coffees to brew in my Keurig are Green Mountain “Nantucket” and Green Mountain “Breakfast Blend” and the spousal unit likes Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee enough to have gotten me some for Christmas (Is that the same as the infamous chain saw men get their wives as a gift?). They all are a yummy treat with a good pour of cream (from grass fed cows, of course) served in one of my Lynn Chase mugs.

Resisting the urge to add more and more I would stop here and wrap up all of  my favorite things and send it off to you my readers. This has been a very interesting year for me health-wise. I have learned so much and have so many people to thank but overall I appreciate all who have come to my blog and I thank you as you are my motivation. As we watch the clock tick to the end of 2010 I wish you all good health in the new year and may you have many more “aha” moments reading Kris Insight. See you in 2011.


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