Miraculous Magnesium Oil

I had the most amazing thing happen on Tuesday night and I thought it was worthy of a mention as anytime someone can learn just one thing from my postings I have achieved all I hope for by my weekly meandering thoughts and experiments.

You may or may not know that I take Jigsaw Magnesium with SRT. Taking something with fillers bothers me but I also understand that sometimes if you don’t add a filler or something that slows digestion you may overload your system and everything you take just goes right through you and out in to the septic tank or sewer. Every night just before I sleep I dutifully take 4 capsules of Jigsaw magnesium which is equal to 500 milligrams of magnesium, so here’s me thinking I am covered in the magnesium department. How wrong one can be!

Tuesday night as I sat knitting my grandson-to-be’s baby blanket and watching yet another British television series (this one is called A Touch of Frost and stars David Jason) my foot started to cramp. I don’t know if you have experienced this kind of cramp but my toes started to go off in all directions and if it didn’t hurt so much it might be amusing. The cramp felt like its origins were in the arch of my foot but my toes spread like I had just put those toe dividers in that you use when you do your own pedicure (which I seldom do but if nice toenails are my desire I do my own).

I massaged my foot, asked the spousal unit to massage my foot, massaged it again all to no avail. The toes had a mind of their own and it was starting to ache. Seriously, since I felt I was maxed on the magnesium it didn’t occur to me for a long time to get the magnesium oil but tired of the ache I finally went to the bathroom and reached for my trusty magnesium oil. I sprayed it generously on my foot and then on the calves of both legs, a total of 15 sprays plus or minus a generous spray.

I got some relief immediately, but I could still feel my toes curling. I went back to watching the television sitting with my feet out in front of me where my not too attractive but extremely useful appendages were clearly in sight. Frost was riveting but apparently my toes were far more entertaining, so I indulged myself and watched my curling toes just as my second toe started to pulsate from left to right, right to left. It was almost like observing a ritual dancing of the toes but at the same time I could feel the muscles relaxing, so knew this was no ordinary dance. As I continued to observe the goings on the second toe that had been pulling toward my big toe pulled back in to its normal position and soon the ache and cramp was gone, the foot totally and blessedly relaxed.

I cannot swear to you that it was the magnesium oil but I can tell you nothing else was relieving the cramp. The toes and foot relaxed within 5 minutes of the administration of the magnesium oil and has not recurred. My conclusion is that for some strange reason the 500 mg. of Jigsaw Magnesium is not adequate. In fact, I take even more magnesium as I also take Tri-Salts (1/2 tsp almost every day) and it, too, has magnesium in it but in a form that may not be terribly well absorbed, magnesium carbonate.

I am not a big fan of magnesium oil because it often makes me itch, sometimes unbearably but I read once that if you are magnesium deficient it will itch, if you are not deficient or less deficient you will not itch when it is sprayed on your skin. I have not read any studies to this effect but it makes sense as it doesn’t always bother my skin. That said Tuesday night it did not bother me at all, so if magnesium deficiency was the cause of the foot cramp it should have itched. Oh well, I conclude you can’t believe everything you read.

I do not want to tell you to use magnesium oil but I would like to offer you a possible solution to those nasty leg and foot cramps that make you cry out in distress, try some magnesium oil. Magnesium oil falls in to my favorite category of things that cannot hurt you (the itching is fleeting) and it might help. It can be purchased at Amazon.com, and Swanson Vitamins. Some devotees swear by the Ancient Minerals brand but its cost is at least double (unless you catch it on sale at Amazon as I did recently). Having both in my retinue I really can’t tell if one is more effective than the other. I can truthfully report that I used the magnesium oil from Swanson’s on Tuesday, so for a minimal investment you could give it a try and see if your sore and crampy muscles are as grateful as mine were.

Here’s to no more crampy days,


P.S. I wanted to add that if you suffer from tingling fingers, carpal tunnel issues, constantly sore and tense neck muscles magnesium in one form or another on a daily basis may bring you permanent relief. It is said that we are all quite deficient in magnesium much more so than calcium.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Anonymous on 15:56 at Friday, November 4, 2011

    Im a new comer to magnesium oil, just received my first spray bottle today!

    I get migraine very badly and very frequent and had heard it helps if not cures it. Time will tell.


    • Let me know how it goes. I found magnesium oil useful but it burned so badly I finally quit using it. At the moment I take Tri-Salts twice a day and that form of magnesium does not loosen my bowels nor affect me negatively. It also seems to keep my pH more alkaline.


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