Things that Happen in Japan Don’t Stay in Japan

This has been a tragic period in time what with the earthquake and resultant tsunami in Japan to the radiation fallout on the west coast of the United States. Once again people have all kinds of things to say from the Fox report by Ann Coulter that “radiation is good for you” to Mike Adams daily reports that things are much worse than portrayed in the media. I have tried to compile the best of advice for maintaining good health, thyroid and otherwise and would like to share my opinion of all the information out there with my readers. I repeat, this is only my opinion, a review of sorts, and not meant to prescribe or recommend.

Once people started talking about protecting your thyroid it got my full attention and the first thing I did was tune in to a site that records radiation showing up in the USA on a daily basis, the Radiation Network. I found this site fascinating for its coverage of all the nuclear energy plants in the US. I admit my ignorance of nuclear energy and I had no idea we had so many nuclear energy plants in Minnesota much less all over the US. It was interesting to me that Denver has more radiation on a daily basis than any where else. In pondering that factoid I decided it makes sense as it is the “mile high city” and altitude does expose you to more radiation. If you tune in the Radiation Network you can also see a radiation map of Japan but for the moment that is not being kept updated. I suspect government suppression.

Once you are informed of radiation fallout in the US, as it will most certainly occur at some level there are things one might do. After reading for days all the information out there I concluded that protecting the thyroid with iodine here in the US may actually be less important than protecting your body from heavy metals that come as a result of a nuclear meltdown and make their way in to our food supply (something that will be much worse in Japan). For example one such heavy metal is Cesium and “cesium, can hang around for a couple of hundred years and make its way into the food supply. It has a strong affinity for bones and will ultimately cause bone cancer.” “Iodine offers zero protection from radioactive Cesium.”

Almost all the “experts” agreed that if you are a person over the age of 40 protecting your thyroid with high doses of iodine is really unnecessary. The younger you are the more important a protective dose of potassium iodide would be. I suspect this is up for debate especially by the folks like Dr. Brownstein who advocate potassium iodide at high doses even when there are no radioactive isotopes present and accounted for.

I can personally report that if you take high doses of iodine it may cause your TSH to rise a great deal and why that happens is a cause of heated debate among the iodine opponents and the iodine proponents. I don’t currently take iodine in any form and haven’t for about 9 months. That doesn’t mean I would never take it again. It means I haven’t done an Iodine Loading test for an year and under normal circumstance I would choose to not take iodine without testing. That said, even though I am over 40 and haven’t recently tested my iodine levels if the radioactive cloud heads our way I will most likely take some potassium iodide as I have it in the house and its effects are short lived in any case.

Okay, so thyroid issues aside here are my thoughts after gorging myself on every news story I could without becoming fanatical (yes, I admit, there is information I don’t have). In the end, I liked what Jon Barron had to say more than anyone else. His approach was full of common sense suggestions and he attempted to inform without fear mongering or selling potassium iodide. He suggested things that would detoxify your colon as that is where many things lay dormant and thus can do their permanent damage. I took some of his advice and added my own. Here is what I am doing, read through it and see what you think.

Apple pectin– 1/2 tsp twice a day. I have been stirring it up in applesauce and that works really well. Apple pectin actually draws radioactive waste from your body and draws it out through the colon. Apple pectin is also good for your gall bladder.

Montmorillonite clay-Cholacol ll by Standard Process contains betonite clay which is the same thing as Montmorillonite clay and it functions like a magnet collecting toxins on its surface and sweeping them away. I take two with every meal.

Chaparral tincture- I made a blood cleansing tincture last year based on one of Jon Barron’s formulas, so 4 droppersful in water three times a day for about 5 days should protect my body from genetic damage as it contains Chaparral. If you don’t have a blood cleansing tincture in the house try Jon Barron’s Blood Support or buy a tincture with Chaparral.

Cilantro Pesto- this is a great tasting pesto and as strontium, cesium and plutonium are all heavy metals cilantro pesto is a tasty way to chelate heavy metals from the body. Add some chlorella and you have the post- radiation- cloud perfect food.

Cilantro Detoxifying Pesto

2 cups packed fresh Cilantro
2/3 cup Flaxseed Oil
4 cloves garlic
1/3 cup sunflower seeds
4 TBLS fresh lemon juice (vit C.)
Sea salt to taste
1/3 cup Brazil Nuts (selenium)
1/3 cup Pumpkin seeds (zinc, magnesium)
2 tsp Dulse powder* (see note below)

Combine cilantro and oil in a blender or processor and process slightly. Add everything else but the salt, blend to a paste. Add Celtic sea salt to taste. Take 2 tsp. per day min. for 3 weeks to help excrete heavy metals. Do for 3 weeks once per year at least and take a maintenance dose of 2 teaspoons per week after that.

*Note: This recipe doesn’t include chlorella but I wonder if you couldn’t add chlorella and not ruin the taste perhaps in place of the Dulse.

This pains me to say but If a radioactive cloud comes our way we will not be eating grass fed beef, wild caught seafood, and drinking my hard fought for real grass fed milk for an undetermined period of time. Radioactivity concentrates up the food chain, so a diet high in grains, fruits and vegetables may be a wise choice. For example, I could make a meal of Cilantro pesto on rice flour pasta and serve a side of homemade apple sauce. Quinoa is a high protein gluten free grain that could be incorporated in to the diet easily and I eat it cooked for breakfast frequently like you would oatmeal. I will avoid sugar as it robs your bones of calcium and as calcium and strontium-90 have a similar atomic structure, strontium might fill the empty spaces. Yes, that means soda with its calcium robbing combination of sugar and phosphoric acid would be a poor choice but then I think it is a poor choice at any time. I could have a grain free, non-pasteurized beer instead.

I think the best we can do is almost so every day it is boring. Stay home, get your sleep, eat a healthy diet. Stay informed but not by television news. In my humble opinion the McNews we watch on television is too easily skewed to serve the network (remember NBC is owned by GE. GE is involved in the nuclear energy business). Honestly, I am on Facebook and Twitter and they are amazingly informative as you really do get all the latest information unedited and uncensored. I am also going to try to stock my pantry with purified water and foods that have a long shelf life. In the end,if you prepare and nothing happens you will have on your shelves things you should have had prior to this tragedy in Japan. It is important to remember that natural disasters happen everywhere in our world and they are almost always unexpected.

To your good thyroid health and beyond,



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