Minerals Anyone?

In just over a week I am to become a first time grandparent and I admit my thoughts are with my daughter, her husband and their son at, what is to us, a momentous time. That said, I want to keep providing my insight as this life changing event unfolds, so for the next week or so my blog entries will be short, sweet and to the point. Today I thought I would share some newly gained knowledge of the mineral Zinc. It’s importance was brought to my attention by Krispin Sullivan.

“Zinc is a mineral that is present in every part of the body. It has a wide range of functions. It helps with the healing of wounds and is a vital component of many enzyme reactions. Zinc is vital for the healthy working of many of the body’s systems including testosterone production. It is particularly important for healthy skin and is essential for a healthy immune system and resistance to infection.” According to Virileplex.com without sufficient zinc males can even develop virility issues and most males and females alike run a Zinc deficit thanks to our over worked and depleted soil.

Many humans need to add Zinc to their diet but you must be careful to avoid Zinc overdose (Characterized by stomach upset, heartburn and nausea. Recently Fixodent and Polident denture adhesives were linked to Zinc overdose in those who used them regularly). Also be aware of the possible need to take a supplement that contains some copper as too much Zinc can inhibit the absorption and availability of copper. According to Krispin Sullivan the recommended dosage tends to run between 15-50 mg of Zinc.

If you are like me, you might ask this question “How do I know if I need to supplement with Zinc?” I was surprised to find out there is a liquid you can use to detect a Zinc deficiency or Zinc sufficiency. Ethical Nutrients makes a product called Zinc Status. It is easy to use and will tell you definitively whether or not you are low in Zinc. You take approximately 2 teaspoons of the liquid in your mouth and hold for 10 seconds. An immediate taste perception (metallic in nature) indicates an adequate level of Zinc. If you have no taste perception or a delayed taste perception you need to take a Zinc supplement and test again using Zinc Status.

On the bottle it says that once you have used the Zinc Status to detect taste or lack of taste you can swallow the liquid. Krispin Sullivan states that Zinc Status can be used to monitor your Zinc levels but should not be taken as a supplement. I do not know the reason, so this is a guess on my part but Zinc Status has a very low level of Zinc (2 mg), so perhaps it provides too little Zinc for supplementation purposes. In any case, I am following her advice and using a supplement called Zinc Picolinate Plus by Karuna.

Zinc Picolinate Plus provides 25 mg of Zinc and 2.5 mg of Copper in each capsule which is well within the recommended dosage of both minerals. It does contain some rice flour and vegetable stearine but it was as close as I could come to the right supplement. I have been taking the Zinc supplement for approximately one week, so in one more week I will try the Zinc Status again. If I experience a delayed taste or none at all I will keep taking the Zinc supplement until I have the immediate taste sensation. In the meantime I am keeping my Zinc Status in the refrigerator as suggested to maintain its efficacy.

I always understood that you could tell if you were low in Zinc by looking for white spots in your fingernails. I don’t know about you but detecting Zinc deficiency by looking for white spots was difficult for me. My fingers take a beating with two gregarious standard poodles, gardening, cooking and housekeeping not to mention the very occasional unintentional bite from a human patient in the dental chair. I often have some nail bed damage and I could never tell if that was Zinc deficiency or physical damage to my nail bed. Now all I need to do is swish some Zinc Status in my mouth and see what I taste, easy peasy.

Thus far I taste nothing more than water, seriously it tastes like I have put water in my mouth, so I am eager for the day that I detect something akin to a metallic taste in my mouth. You will probably hear me from the St.Croix River to the great Lake Michigan when I finally sense the Zinc Status in my mouth. Well, on second thought, I may not be that loud but I will be quietly exuberant to finally have my Zinc levels closer to normal and thus assisting my thyroid function adequately.

Until next week,



3 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks Emily, I have duly noted the suggested books. I have a friend who was reading “The Four Hour Body” but her comments did nothing for me, yours might be the impetus I needed to order the book.
    Check in anytime. My adrenal health has improved. I am still struggling with the T3 but things are moving forward and for that I am very grateful. I seem to be a paradox both in regards to adrenal health and thyroid health and it has made this journey very tortuous. Luckily I love a challenge!


    • Yes, I think endocrine dysfunction is about the most challenging thing that can happen to anyone. I’m glad to hear you are hanging in there. Congrats on the new grandbaby as well! And happy reading…I don’t know where I would be without my Kindle.

      PS the 4 Hour Body is not a book to sit down and read straight through though I did just that sometimes. It’s more of a dip in and read and then go away and think sort of book.


  2. Posted by Emily on 17:23 at Monday, April 11, 2011

    I came by because I wanted to see how you were doing…but I will add my two cents book wise from a fellow bibliophile!

    1. The 4 hour body by Ferriss (billed as an exercise/weight loss book but SO much much more.
    2. Why we get fat by Taubes
    3. Anything by Tana French

    Emily from NTHAdrenals.


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