The Box and Other Tales of Spring

Spring finally made it to Minnesota this week. May I just say “Hallelujah!”? Okay, Hallelujah! I am grateful for this promise of better things to come but, of course, on the heels of daffodils peeking through the cold earth and leaf buds bursting forth comes the threat of violent weather as our temperatures soar. Oh well, I am, after all is said and done, a Minnesotan at heart and as one of my high school friends told me recently we Minnesotans are proud of our ability to handle any kind of weather. Apparently we proudly extol our ability to weather all extremes from bone numbing cold to blistering heat but believe me it is all subterfuge, we live here despite the weather.

Along with the arrival of springtime bad weather, tulips and daffodils a large box of books from my favorite online bookstore arrived. It is rather like Christmas arriving at your front door when The Box arrives, so like a child I love the moment the man in brown arrives and leaves behind The Box. Aside from the child-like appeal to ordering books online I also happen to have an ever widening spectrum of interests that actually goes beyond thyroid disease and I like to keep my books to constantly refer to, so using my local library doesn’t work very well for my purposes.

This order was filled with topics of interest. First out of the box was a book on the subject of bio-identical hormones. I have developed a real curiosity about all hormones in the body and would like to know how to best balance them to create a body that is working at its peak or as close to peak as it can function. In order to achieve a healthy, functional body you must balance adrenal hormones, thyroid hormones, insulin and sex hormones. It seems that if I thought reaching thyroid nirvana, and I haven’t yet, was difficult, getting insulin and sex hormones right makes thyroid balancing look like child’s play.

I was looking for a book that would provide varied information on the subject of bio-identical hormones from the books I have by Suzanne Somers, Uzzi Reiss and Thierry Hertoghe. In my quest I ran across Shira Miller on Facebook. Dr. Miller is an integrative medicine doctor in California who specializes in bio-identical hormones and specifically The Wiley Protocol. Dr. Miller even takes some of her time to answer questions on Facebook and I have enjoyed learning more about bio-identical hormones (“Why do women with high testosterone lose interest in sex, when it increases desire in men?” or “Why do I have hot flashes even though I am using bio-identical hormones?”).

I knew nothing of Wiley or the “protocol”, so I chose “Sex, Lies and Menopause” by T.S. Wiley, with Julie Taguchi, M.D. and Bent Formby, Ph.D. I have read a few pages and I find it laid out in an interesting and readable format and I look forward to reading more and perhaps delving more deeply in to cyclical bio-identical hormone (BHRT) replacement. I already found out that the effect of the full moon on a woman’s body is real. It has to do with melatonin and estrogen. The next time I feel the power of the full moon and the SU laughs I will whip out “Sex, Lies and Menopause” and show him the very real reasons why the full moon affects me.

Back to The Box and the second and third books were more books by my current favorite fiction writer, Elizabeth George. Gosh I love her books and every morning for the past few months, I wake early, hop out of bed, make a pot of my favorite Keemun Congou tea and settle back in my warm bed to enjoy my morning reading time with a warming cup of tea and milk. It is the only way I can have three of four books going at once.

I digress, let’s get back to unpacking The Box. I gingerly picked my way through the contents, reading bits and bobs as I unpacked which extends the fun of The Box. The disgorged contents are now piled high on the kitchen counter but finally at the bottom of what was starting to seem like the bottomless box of books is the last, but not least, book about my other interest of late, a book on diabetes.

I participate in several online forums on the subject of thyroid disease. Many folks on these various thyroid forums have trouble with insulin resistance and full blown diabetes which I find very interesting. Why should a thyroid hormone deficiency lead to insulin resistance, hypoglycemia and diabetes? There are very good reasons for this to occur but I decided it was time to learn more about diabetes. A book that was recommended by a participant on the RT3 forum was a book by Jenny Ruhl, “What They Don’t Tell You About Diabetes“. Jenny was diagnosed with diabetes in 1998 and like all of us that spurred her on to learn more about her disease, now its my turn.

This week I will be spending time in a hospital room with my daughter and new grandson as she recovers from a C-section necessitated by placenta praevia and my new books will come with me. My books and the blanket I am still knitting will fill the gaps between helping her and hopefully holding my grandson. In the coming weeks I hope to share the information I glean as well as a few photos of the new baby, Odin. In the meantime, let me know what you are reading. Any recommendations you make may fill my next “Christmas” box Brown leaves at my front door.

Here’s to a healthy and knowledge filled week,



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