Yet Another Quinone

Photo courtesy of Life Extension Magazine

I just love seeing  new and unusual things especially things that I haven’t tried. I follow many blogs on anti-aging like Joe Mercola, Suzanne Somers, David A. Kekich and Life Extension Foundation, so when I saw a short blurb on a supplement called PQQ on Twitter (NewMoonJingle) I had to know more and I thought my readers might feel the same way.

Why? Because it is a powerful anti-aging supplement and let’s face it at 57 I am aging, happy to be doing so, but aging all the same. I know the featured doctor from last week’s blog entry would turn his nose up at such a concept but lucky for me I am not Dan Fairman and I am willing to try a supplement before I condemn it. I would love to rely on scientifically controlled research but I suspect that is nearly impossible to find, so I am the guinea pig and PQQ is on my guinea pig radar.

First of all PQQ stands for Pyrroloquinoline Quinone and it is a powerful antioxidant like CoQ10. It supports  mitochondrial biogenesis-the spontaneous growth of new mitochondria in aging cells. The mitochondria of a cell are the source of cellular energy and basically the energy factory of our bodies. Unfortunately, as we age these factories decay and die leaving us with less energy, less mental acuity and organic failure. To be succinct loss of mitochondria makes our bodies old.

It used to be thought that the only way to do that, to insure the increase of mitochondria versus decreasing numbers was to greatly decrease your calorie intake and/or exhaustive physical activity but now it looks like PQQ coupled with CoQ10 will do it for you, it will literally keep your cells young.

As for the recommended amount of PQQ one should take. Life Extension Foundation suggests 20 mg a day taken in combination with CoQ10. The Life Extension supplement provides 10 mg per capsule, so you would take two. I also found one at Professional Supplement Center that contains 20 mg of PQQ per two capsules but in addition has 100 mg of CoQ10 per two capsules. When taken in this combination PQQ has been “shown to promote memory, attention, and cognition in maturing individuals.”

Now I ask you the reader, what if taking two capsules a day could put a stop to the premature aging of your body? What if it could keep you out of nursing home care late in life? Or what if by keeping mitochondrial numbers high you don’t suffer from organic failure (things like heart attacks, liver failure,etc)? My general feeling is if there is/was something I could take once a day and it enabled me to live life to its fullest until the very minute I die whether I live to be 120, or not, it would be worth it. I might never know what it was that I did that kept me from my father’s heart attack or my mother’s loss of memory but as Mom used to say, “very frankly” I don’t give a damn. My goal is not to live life longer than anyone else my goal is to live life to its fullest until the day I fall off the perch.

So ends my latest supplement news, this guinea pig is off to do more research and add to her guinea pig radar list. Has anyone tried any of the last three supplements I have researched? I did try tobacco, “I did not inhale” (to quote Bill Clinton), but held the smoke in my mouth where the tissue is highly permeable. It did affect my mental state, kind of like any drug might, and it also made me nauseous and ruined an afternoon in the mountains. I came away thinking Continine would be preferable to a ruined day but perhaps even easier and with far less expense PQQ is the one to try.

Here’s to mental acuity and cell regeneration,



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