A Skeptic’s Dessert

I don’t know about you but when the days cry out “August” but the calendar clearly states “July” I get a taste for something slightly sweet/tart and cold. Cold, like an ice-cream mountain. Icy as a strawberry sorbet iceberg. I am not an ice-cream lover under normal circumstances (more like a bar of dark as night organic chocolate) but the other night I suddenly had one of those strange cravings and there was nothing in Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboards, so I became creative.

I had some frozen avocado halves for smoothies, so I took 4 halves and thawed them slightly. I reached in the freezer again and pulled out a bag of organic frozen strawberries. I took out a few cups of those and let them thaw slightly with the avocados. From the refrigerator came about a cup of coconut milk kefir, my thinking being it would be close to cream and might have a better texture. I put the kefir in the processor and since I wanted something sweet I added some of my Mercola Miracle Whey powder. Now the avocados and strawberries were slightly thawed, so I added them and popped on the top and whizzed it all together until it was smooth.

I put a spoon in this light and fluffy creation and scooped a bit in to my mouth. I was amazed at how refreshing it tasted and how creamy it was (thanks to the avocados, my favorite fruit) but I needed a taste tester, so I took a small dish of my “sorbet” in to the spousal unit. He somewhat reluctantly took a taste but then with a sparkle in his eyes he took the proffered dish. Okay, okay it didn’t taste like an M&M Blizzard (his favorite once a year treat) but it hit the spot and had far fewer calories and sugar.

The spousal unit has been my reliable taste tester for almost 32 years but he also is the most skeptical having had his share of what he calls my “but it’s good for you” creations. When something actually hits the spot and is good for him I would say it is skeptic approved.

Skeptic’s Approved Sorbet Cream

  • 4 frozen avocado halves, slightly thawed and sliced
  • 3 cups frozen strawberries, slightly thawed
  • 1 cup coconut milk kefir (traditional kefir made with canned coconut milk)
  • 2 scoops Mercola Strawberry Whey Protein
  • Lo Han if more sweetness is desired

Place all the ingredients in a food processor and process until smooth. You may need to add more kefir to make a smooth sorbet cream and the whey protein powder could be added to taste.

Scoop in to old fashioned ice cream dishes, sprinkle with assorted seeds like sunflower, hemp, pumpkin and sesame and serve.

*Note: I froze the leftovers and it required 30 minutes or more of thawing time before we could eat it. I think it would be best to make it and serve it right away but if there are leftovers it should be frozen slightly then processed again to remove ice crystals and make the resultant sorbet creamier.

Have a wonderfully cool week,



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