Changing Directions

This week when I pondered my next blog I was struck by a powerful thought. I have come a long way on my journey to good health. My quest has seemed never ending at times and for months almost every day challenged me with a new issue or seemingly insurmountable problems but happily I can report progress and improving health.

Looking back, this time last year I was being assaulted every day by my irregular heartbeat and my nights were the stuff bad dream sequences are made of. Fortunately, I was never bed ridden but I spent far too much time laying in bed taking my temperature, checking my pulse and adjusting my dosages. Just when I thought things might improve something else would rear its ugly head.

If you have never experienced this feeling, picture this. You are hiking in the mountains of Idaho on a warm summer day. You are ascending a very long, steep trail with an unrelenting high desert sun beating down on your head. Just when you are feeling overwhelmingly hot and thirsty you realize you have no water in your backpack. Even if you turn around it will be hours before you reach any possibility of getting water and shade to cool you. That feeling of despair is exactly how it feels when you just aren’t finding the right answer to your particular health problem.

Contrast that to today, September 11th, 2011, I have a sense that no matter how bad things get, if you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and take charge of your health you can get back to a life that is full and rewarding. Just look at what Americans did after 9/11 and you see proof that you can make things right again. You will stumble along the way, and every choice you make may not be fruitful but you can get better.

With those positive thoughts in mind I faced a conundrum this weekend and here it is. I want to be healthy, I want life to be fulfilling yet my blog is really about being sick and trying to find the right answers and thereby help other people who might be in the same or similar situation. I refuse to write about issues I haven’t tried and/or experienced personally. I will not just promote the ideas or theories of other online health sites without personal experience.

Therefore, I find myself changing direction. I have a plethora of things to investigate and to provide feedback on but they are not filling the pages from week to week in an interesting manner, so I am going to move to a monthly format to avoid making this blog boring and of no consequence. Effective today, I will publish a blog posting the first Monday of every month which means my next blog will be published on the third of October.

I am going to continue to feed my Twitter account, and, in fact, may Tweet more often as I come across new supplements, new exercise programs, dental news or just the odd new health idea. My Twitter name is NewMoonJingle and if you know how to tweet you can find me there or you can just check my blog as all tweets are published on this page.

I hope my readers find this an acceptable answer to something none of us see as a problem, feeling good. I do have plans for future blogs and can tell you that October’s blog will be about my recent positive experience with Reiki and my Reiki healer, Donna Murray. Future blogs will be addressing the power of essential oils and medicinal herbs and tinctures. I want to delve in to bio-identical hormones as I pursue balancing mine and to share some book reviews that deal with health and diet (I am currently reading The Jungle Effect and How to Cure Tooth Decay). Most of all I want to share my knowledge with my readers and I would love to hear from more of you and what you are trying, what has worked, what has failed.

I am not riding off in to the sunset, I am actively pursuing knowledge of the latest trend in healthcare. I will see you all right here on Monday the 3rd of October and introduce you to Donna and her fabulous gift of Reiki healing.


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