Healing Powers of Reiki

As regular readers know “KrisInsight” generally deals with my response to various and sundry life experiences, be it something I ate, a health issue I have dealt with, trips I have taken, even how I dealt with the emotions of watching others fight the good fight. What is important for me is that whatever the subject I blog about it must be my personal experience and only then can I share my insight on the matter at hand.

I mention this today because I recently started some Reiki therapy and I want to share my experience with you. I am not a Reiki expert, in fact, I know very little about the minutiae of it all. I do have the good fortune of having a friend who is a Reiki healer and through her have been able to experience the miraculous effects of this healing art.

Reiki, according to a very skeptical definition in Wikipedia, is an “energy therapy” developed in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui. It uses healing energy from the palms of the practitioner (I suspect this is where the skepticism enters the minds of some) and I can tell you that, from my experience with my Reiki healer Donna Murray, the heat and energy are noticeable. If you would like more information about the foundations of Reiki there is an easy to read book called Living Reiki that will provide you with the very foundation of Reiki and you can build on it from there.

Personally, I find it a healing modality that I want to incorporate in to my life. It reminds me a lot of  Healing Touch which is now being used in many hospitals and nursing homes. Healing Touch is used to calm the mind which allows an inner peace and inner peace will heal the most ravaged soul. Reiki is much the same, perhaps more spiritual, and in my opinion after several sessions, more healing.

I had the most amazing experience yesterday during my third session which cemented in my mind just how powerful Reiki can be. Donna had methodically swept over my body never touching but sensing blockages and or energy flowing and was now concentrating on specific areas where she thought the energy wasn’t quite right. Apparently my left knee was one of these areas, so she moved her little stool, her precious flea market find that comes with her to every session, over to my left side and had a seat.

The radiating power of her hovering hands warmed my knee (I hadn’t told her but that knee had been bothering me considerably the last week) and I was kind of in my Reiki groove when suddenly, as the warmth became most noticeable, my left foot started to cramp in an area that I know has some sclerotic bone (an xray taken two years ago revealed a bit of arthritis in the metatarsal of my big toe). I mentioned the cramping foot to Donna and she thought it was a curious effect but steadfastly continued to hold her hands over my knee. To my relief the cramping gradually became less stinging and was suddenly over and done with. If you ever doubt the power of something all it takes is a moment like that to wipe away the dribbles of skepticism or disbelief.

To eliminate any misunderstanding I actually have no doubt of Reiki’s healing powers to be wiped away. My belief in Reiki and its ability to heal began last summer and I recounted my experience with long distance Reiki in a blog titled “Ouch”.  In it I told the story of the long distance healing Donna did for me one night last summer.

If you are a long time reader you might remember, I rubbed Rue on a strained muscle in my shoulder area because I had read Rue could be good for sore muscles. What I didn’t bother to be attentive to is that the oils in Rue are very caustic and also increase photosensitivity. When the blisters appeared the next day and my neck looked like it had been part of last night’s barbeque I turned to Donna because I really wasn’t certain what else to do. That night she did some long distance Reiki directed at what looked like a second degree burn.

I had no idea when she was doing her Reiki but by the next morning the healing I experienced was amazing. My ugly burn was barely noticeable and it was totally gone with no scarring in a day or two. You can debate the why of this rapid healing but those of us who looked at my burn the day before and the day after were convinced that if nothing else  Reiki had definitely hastened the healing process.

Understand that I am very open to these alternative healing modalities. I believe in the power of positive thinking and mind over matter. I also believe that most of us only use a small percentage of what our brains are capable of doing. With that in mind, I think Reiki is perfect for assisting your body in its natural process of managing its health. For those with thyroid issues it can unblock energy and help your thyroid work to its optimum (and it can help with congested gallbladders). It will calm the chattering brain that keeps you awake at night and Reiki energy can even make death more peaceful according to Donna who has helped people make this transition comfortably.

Donna Murray

Finding a Reiki healer that you can trust and relate to might not be easy. I work with Donna at our dental office where she mans the hectic front desk with a calm but determined nature. I knew her to be totally trustworthy and a person who makes no judgement of others. I feel calm in her presence and have been brought to tears more times than I care to admit just talking to her about something that happened. My opinion is that Donna is a consummate healer and I feel she has a gift few are granted (but that doesn’t mean that we don’t all have the ability to learn and use Reiki successfully and on this Donna concurs).

If you live in Minnesota, or even if you don’t, and you have further questions or would like to make an appointment* (see note below) with Donna you can reach her by email. She is currently growing her practice and would be happy to answer any and all questions and/or make an appointment. Her email address is thyme@timeforangels.com.  If you think because you are out of state that she can’t be of help think again long distance Reiki has worked for me time and again.

If you have issues that remain unresolved, be they of the mind or body, Reiki could be the difference between improving your health and continued illness.

I wish you good health and a fantastic autumn. See you right here on November 7th when I publish my next “insight”.


*According to Donna and a Homeopath/MD I consulted with you should pursue only one type of energy healing at a time, so if you are already using an energy medicine like homeopathy to treat an existing condition you should not pursue another form of energy healing until that treatment is complete.


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