Company Blackmail, Civil Rights and Your Health

I am taking exception to my once a month blogging this morning to vent, so prepare for a rant.

My day started with a discussion with my money manager aka the spousal unit. It seems that McKesson, his mother ship, has determined that I as a spouse must participate in their corporate blackmail otherwise known as their Biometrics program or the SU will have to pay perhaps $600 more per year to cover our health care insurance.

If you are unfamiliar with these programs it means that I have to report to some Quest lab (notoriously known for incorrect blood test results) and have my cholesterol checked, my lipids, blood pressure and assorted other things that have already been checked and paid for by me not my insurance company. Then they will have my information on file to pull up whenever they so desire and want to reconfigure our healthcare costs.

Unless you work in the insurance industry (my daughter does) you will have no idea how insurance companies like OptumHealth, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and others are interfering and manipulating your healthcare. Quite literally insurance companies are blackmailing us, taking away our civil rights to privacy and dictating our health care.

If I had confidence in the wisdom of insurance companies it would be one thing but they are not wise nor are they concerned about making good decisions regarding your health. They are billion dollar corporations who can never see a profit margin that is large enough. They are companies who have sales people who drive nothing but the most expensive cars and live the high life. They are not people you, the public, want in charge of something as important as your body.

Insurance companies are the very entities who have decided that doctors are only allowed to test for thyroid problems by doing a TSH. A totally useless test for thyroid problems as it is indicative of hypothalamus issues not thyroid and a “good” TSH can mask underlying problems that could be killing you. Insurance companies are by and large responsible for the fact that your doctor hardly removes his hand from the door knob of your examining room anymore and they determine what blood tests your doctor can run not to mention a myriad of other important decisions that they dictate.

I have personal examples of what happens when these bad decisions are put in to practice by your primary care physician. My daughter had been told for years her thyroid was optimum yet she had problems that were indicative of hypothyroidism and her mother, me, has had thyroid issues for almost 2 decades. I finally convinced her to see my functional medicine doctor (at great expense to her personally as he does not take insurance) who ran a complete thyroid panel including a test for antibodies. This 30 something year old woman who had been told for years her TSH was within normal limits, and therefore no thyroid problems not only has hypothyroidism, she has Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid Disease. Damn!

Another more recent case I can share with you is that of a friend of mine. She has two sisters both of whom have hypothyroid issues and one has Hashimoto’s. My friend has had weight gain in recent years, has an enlarged lower neck (looks like a goiter to me) and is tired all of the time. These are all classic symptoms of hypothyroidism.

She was going in to see her doctor recently and wanted the blood tests taken care of before she saw her doctor. She asked me what blood tests she should have for her thyroid and I had given her a list of  the tests, a very basic thyroid panel. She arrived at the lab and asked the lab technician to be sure and do a thyroid panel. To which the tech replied she “was only doing a TSH”.

My friend repeated her desire to have a full thyroid panel  including an antibody test and the reason why (two older sisters with hypothyroidism). The lab tech left the room ostensibly to call the doctor, and came back to draw the blood. My friend understood that the technician had gotten permission to run the complete panel. She was wrong. When her results came back all they had tested was what? Her bloody useless TSH. You know why? Because some insurance guru has determined that a TSH is the do all and end all for thyroid disease detection. Even better, a TSH costs nothing to test.

Aside from the choices your primary care physician can make did you know that insurance companies might be  determining the food you eat? If not now, in the very near future. That’s right , insurance companies often “offer advice” to corporations on what should be served in the company cafeteria?

And do you know what  companies like OptumHealth have in their own “healthy” cafeterias? They have replaced any food item that might have healthy fats like olive oil with low fat chemically laden ingredients. All in the name of low fat healthy eating things like full fat yogurt have been replaced by fruit flavored skim milk yogurt sweetened with chemicals such as Splenda and Aspartame.

Undoubtedly, some totally brainwashed dietician (s) who works for OptumHealth decided that the way to good  health is by employees eating low fat food and artificial sweeteners. In my opinion they might as well serve their employees sugar by the spoonful and Roundup from the can. The kicker for the rest of us is that once they fill their cafeterias with this drivel then they will be determining what is served in corporate cafeterias across the country all in the name of reducing corporate costs for health insurance (which is admittedly a huge cost for corporations).

Luckily they will never be able to force your company to do any of this but if your company wants to reduce costs, and they all do because we all know employees are just a number, a chair to be counted, they must kowtow to insurance companies like  OptumHealth and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. They will dictate that companies serve the food that is determined to be healthy by their dieticians. They will also require your company to do biometric testing and ultimately I fear they may be responsible for your company choosing to fire you because  you look bad by the insurance companies standards.

I could go on and on but suffice it to say, these are not people we want making crucial decisions about our health care. Personally I don’t want politicians making my health care choices nor unions as was suggested by someone near and dear to me this morning but that is just me.

As my readers will know I think we need to take more control of our healthcare. We need to take more control of the brainwashing information given out to the public by the media. We need to take personal responsibility for our health and not put our bodies in the hands of someone who is simply a puppet for some corporate bigwig who might not be able to upgrade to the next larger yacht or buy that $100,000 Mercedes to impress his friends with next year if his company doesn’t show an impressive gain in their profit margin.

Spread the word folks or the next thing you know you will be the victim of this insurance company blackmail.  I have decided to take a stand against this blackmail but alas my shoulders can only bear so much weight and I may collapse under pressure. I will let you know as the biometrics must be completed by October 20th or we will pay.

The way I see it we will pay no matter what I choose to do and that is plain and simple blackmail and loss of my rights. End of rant.

To your good health and the dissemination of information,



2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I am posting the link on Facebook and would be happy to communicate with you and others via FB. I get most of my health news that way these days. “Friend” me on FB, Kris Carver Peterson.


  2. Great post Kris…..and very well said!
    Are you posting your blog on Facebook?
    I would love to communicate with you and that might be a great vehicle for others and myself to communicate with you. Just wondering…..thanks for all your great insight…..I love reading your posts!


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