I Give

I am in the mood for compromise this morning and I won’t go in to the reasons why just suffice it to say I am back to publishing a blog every Monday morning. Some blogs might be full of exciting new medical finds, some might just be an observation, some might not even be worth your time but I find I have too much to say to limit myself to one time a month. There you have it, I am  in one very succinct word, verbose.

Along with the compromise on my blog I have agreed to compromise my principles and go along with the corporate blackmail being used by McKesson and their insurance provider Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I also feel it is necessary to separate myself from the Occupy Wall Street movement as in my opinion they have no real message other than to create chaos and a certain plebian mediocrity not to mention a very unhygienic living condition in many metropolitan areas. My message last week happened to coincide nicely with their occupation of Minneapolis, Washington D. C. and other cities but it was pure coincidence.

My blog last week was not meant to demonize all corporations and people who make money but to inform you of the latest shenanigans being perpetrated by a “select” few corporations, namely OptumHealth, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Health, in general insurance companies who are holding corporations like McKesson hostage to their highfaluting idea of how to reduce health care costs. I can suggest one way to reduce health care costs:  limit insurance companies interference in our health care but even I know they aren’t listening to the likes of me.

The saga continues at our house but I have relented, this once to corporate blackmail and loss of civil rights. I, as luck would have it, had an appointment with my functional medicine man, Dr. Bruley, last week. This appointment had been scheduled for a month or more so was in no way scheduled for the “biometric” information that McKesson is requiring of its employees and their spouses. However, unplanned as it was when I mentioned this “biometrics” issue to Rob he kindly told me he would provide the needed information if I provided the form.

Rob did say that if they aren’t idiots when they look at my cholesterol levels they will notice they are high (230) BUT that my HDL (so-called good cholesterol) is very high, my LDL (so-called bad cholesterol but all cholesterol is necessary for bodily function) is low and my triglycerides were also very low (never mind that my levels of inflammation are very low which is a true indicator of good health but never required by some penny Anny biometrics).

I was not happy to hear the phrase “if they aren’t idiots” because quite honestly the people looking at this biometric information have no proficiency in medical facts and figures they are no better than robots who just look for certain numbers and report that you are or are not fitting within the provided parameters.

So with my shoulders bearing the increased weight of principles compromised tomorrow morning I am mailing off the information Dr. Bruley must provide for a group inappropriately(in my humble opinion) called “The Vitality Group” and just for perfect clarity Dictionary.com defines “vitality” as:

noun, plural -ties.


exuberant physical strength or mental vigor: a person of great vitality.


capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence: the vitality of an institution.


power to live or grow: the vitality of a language.


vital choice  or principle.

Let me tell you these groups are nothing as defined above yet the name misleads one to believe that they are there for our vitality, for our better good. Everything they force feed you sounds really good, sounds healthy and for your general well being even the names they choose are wonderful. What could sound healthier than Optum, United,  and Vitality?

Alas, when all is said and done, very little of what these insurance companies require is all that healthy and all their dictates will still not touch those in our society who are not willing to take charge of their own health. This is the direction we are going in in America and fighting ‘Big Brother” and the inevitable Orwellian experience feels very useless at the moment to me.

I am really not feeling all that defeated as I have promised myself this is a one time occurrence. I will stick to my principles and beliefs in the future but this year I was caught with my pants down, so to speak. Next year I will not only have my pants on the boxing gloves will be strapped on and I will be ready to fight.

With that thought I will close and take my heavy burden to the couch and read my light and frivolous book, Rosamunde Pilcher’s  “Winter Solstice” . I honestly cannot think of a better escape from our tedious and bothersome world.

Until next week and some news of non-alcoholic beer’s restorative properties,



2 responses to this post.

  1. LOL! Life is a compromise, Kris. We all do it! Some more than others…


    • Don’t I know it. You are right everyone has to compromise, I just need to get my sense of humor back and laugh in the face of it all.


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