Ultrasounds and Other Funny Things

After months, no years, of speculation I finally got up some Dutch courage, got a prescription for and made an appointment to have my achy, bile producing gall bladder examined. Mind you, I did make an appointment years ago for the same thing but at the last minute had my usual cup of tea with whole milk thus rather purposely sabotaging the whole thing. You see, I knew I didn’t want to lose anymore organs that Mother Nature had blessed me with and if someone suggested the need for removal I would probably be forced to submit to the knife, so it was milk in my tea and appointments  be damned that morning.

This year I would not make the same mistake because the rules had changed. My instructions were very clear, nothing to eat or drink after midnight, nothing. With that in mind I made an “arrangement” with my local hospital to see me very early in the morning, after all a girl has to have her cup of tea with real milk to start her day and normally my days start pretty early. At 7:00 a.m. that morning I would at long last have my test.

I made my appearance at 6:55 and after checking in with the receptionist I plopped my menopausal butt on one of their comfy chairs in a room meant to look like a very commodious livingroom where I patiently sat for 20 minutes (of course an emergency trumps a scheduled appointment every time). After several rounds of “weather on the nines” I was called back and brought to a pleasantly lit room and directed to lie on a cloth covered examining table.

With clothing still on but towels protecting said clothing, my abdomen was covered with a very warm, viscous gel and soon things were beeping and ponging all over the place. The tech was massaging the area over the gall bladder with what appeared to be a microphone but in reality is called a transducer. At certain points the transducer would be gently but firmly pressed in and then it would beep and with each beep a new point of reference was made as the sound waves bounced off my organs plotting a map of my gall bladder.

“Mrs. Peterson could you turn to your left and lie on your side now?” (I’m just wondering, what if I said “No”?). The microphone/transponder continued to ping and pong with each new position she placed it in. It was sending and receiving wave after wave of sound from my innards and within 20 minutes “we” had created  a picture of my bile producing organ plus the right lobe of my liver from the anterior and posterior regions.

“That’s it Mrs. Peterson, you can get up.”  Thus our assignation ended as unpretentiously  as it began, barely more than 2 sentences after entering my dimly lit meditation room I was outta there and on my way home to my most anticipated morning cuppa tea. As far as an exam goes this one could not have been simpler nor less painful.

Later that week, on Odinsday (the day I devote to the care of my grandson), I had to pick up a Spectracell test at my functional medicine doctor’s office and when I arrived with my grandson in my arms the OM (generally referred to as office manager but in this case wife of and mother to the doc’s children) informed me that my test results were there and in between talking about Odin (they have three grands themselves) I got my news.

The radiologist reported that “there were NO stones, NO sludge, NOT EVEN thickening of the walls of my gall bladder”. What? You, my dear reader, may recall that over the last three years or so I have devoted no less than 12 articles to my blasted gall bladder and it’s resultant aches and pains. Just type in “gall bladder” in the box marked “Search” I am sure I counted 12 blogs that come up with that requested subject. How could there not even be a thickening of the gall bladder wall?

I am not complaining, even though the previous sentence sounds distinctly like one. However, it does make one pause to wonder what to think now. If  you have lived for several years thinking one thing and now have been forced to believe something else it is hard to make that change of direction but here are my thoughts on the outcome of this procedure.

First, I do take supplements specifically for thinning bile and aiding the gall bladder with its work, so they might be doing what they were designed to do. I haven’t been following the gall bladder diet very well because that just didn’t seem to be doing any good and no wonder if it wasn’t really my gall bladder that was being a grouch.

Second and interestingly, around the time I asked Donna, my Reiki healer, to work on my gall bladder and thyroid much of my achy and complaining gall bladder symptoms went away. That persistent feeling of fullness disappeared and my bowels became about as normal as they ever can or will be. Could Reiki be the key ingredient? Donna did see a yellow “vortex” (yellow being a healing color) whoosh out of the middle of my body while doing her treatment and whether or not you believe in the healing power of Reiki you have to admit that is pretty remarkable given that things did change after that.

Third and last, could there be another issue I am dealing with? My liver did have a tiny cyst that was visible to the radiologist but my doc seemed unconcerned and I honestly cannot see the link between a cyst and the inability to digest fat and the feeling of fullness.

There are just so many possibilities but at this point I am done worrying and blogging about my gall bladder. You will hear from me on other subjects but this one is behind me. I continue to take digestive enzymes with every meal as well as Beta TCP (beet root and taurine). Probiotics are a regular part of my diet as I eat fermented veggies and raw milk kefir and I will continue to do so. Most importantly, I believe in eating a healthy grain free diet at least 80% of the time. (We won’t talk about the other 20%).

In conclusion, I hereby resolve that, if nothing else, I am keeping my gall bladder and that is the last you, dear reader, will hear of that.

Until next week,



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