Shite Happens

Sometimes I wonder where my nonsensical titles come from but this week I know. “Shite” is a British slang for our slang “shit” and was all I could think of this week because I like the saying, shit happens,  it just explains so much in life. However, I knew that putting the American “s” word in my title would attract spammers and, very frankly, I don’t need them, so why not try the British slang?

The oft uttered saying when something goes awry for no discernible reason is “Shit Happens”. It kept rolling around in my grey matter this week after a patient and I , rather sotto voce, said to each other “well shit happens” after telling each other about some happening that could not be explained. After uttering the rather crass and uncouth word we both looked at each other and giggled the giggle of people sharing a dirty little secret.

From that moment in the dental office an idea was born. You see, I had a few unrelated but related topics to discuss. One has no reasonable explanation, another topic had to do with the aforementioned subject of excrement and last but not least one topic might move things right along if you are all stopped up. It is actually a truism, shite does happen and while disparate all my topics this week are fascinatingly related to this very topic .

Should CoQ10 Make Your Mouth Burn?

For sometime I have had a burning in my mouth that is exacerbated by anything mint, so I have removed anything mint including toothpaste, the floss we give out at work, chocolate mints you name it if it has mint it has been summarily removed from my life.

I have suspected for some time that it was due to a supplement I take but I could never put my finger on the culprit. I know low B12 can cause a burning tongue but so far I don’t think my B12 is low (we shall see once I have my Spectracell results). Then in the last month I found one possibility, my fast absorbing CoQ10.

I have taken many brands but Healthy Origins seems to be the worst and I honestly cannot tell you why. Many of the ingredients found in Healthy Origins are found in several brands of Ubiquinol but it is this one that makes my mouth burn like crazy. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t the only thing that makes my mouth burn (yesterday my  Mountain Rose Herbs Lapsong Souchong did it too) but it is definitely one offender and I narrowed it down by process of elimination.

However, I have found a brand that doesn’t make my mouth burn like some fire breathing dragon, Source Naturals, Fast Acting CoQ10. The SN capsules do not contain three ingredients that the Healthy Origins had: annato extract, soy lecithin and ascorbyl palmitate. Am I allergic to one of these additives? I don’t know but here is my insight: no more Healthy Origins ubuiquinol.

As If one Ubiquinol Issue Wasn’t Enough

Having decided not to buy Health Origins I began a quest for a fast acting CoQ10 that would not ruin my day. With that in mind I ordered the Ubiquinol from I am so confident in the quality of their supplements that I don’t always look at the ingredients. When they arrived I took a caplique (I love their capliques) and within seconds, no kidding, seconds, I was burping a strange orange taste and I burped and burped and burped. All day I burped orange. Orange on its own isn’t objectionable but anything that causes burping seems wrong to me and I avoid it, so I looked with some hesitation (these were rather pricey) at the ingredients and what to my incredulous eyes should be apparent.

“Citrus extract”, oh poo, another one bites the dust. I can’t stand anything with citrus extract. I have never even been able to handle a glass of orange juice without extreme discomfort. The good news is someone in my house can handle their citrus extract and that someone now enjoys my expensive and I am sure very high quality CoQ10.

Poo And Other Things

Some insights are more interesting than others but few are inpired by a crude saying like the one above. It got me to thinking about something I learned about the Germans sometime ago. It seems they have a propensity for studying their bodily excretions. You see, they used to and may still observe their poo. One writer I found on the subject discussed finding some old toilets in this jewel of the European continent that have a flattened plate in the porcelain. You see, this flat area allowed (s) your excrement to land on this flat surface to be inspected before flushing it away. It seems a bit unappetizing and lacks some esthetic appeal but you can get a lot of feedback from your poo, it is, if you will, a peek at what is going on inside your body.

Let’s say you looked down and “it” is floating. It could indicate a problem with digesting fats. That can point to gall bladder issues or liver congestion. If the color is a pale yellow that points again to liver issues. If too hard, constipation is indicated and maybe a change in diet will correct that.  Suzanne Somers said in one of her books, “it” should come out like soft serve ice cream in a continuous curly Q and be mahogany in color. If you are digesting your food there should be no recognizable food particles…. you get the idea. I am left wondering why most of the rest of the world, unlike the Germans, find something so revealing so revolting.

And Now One More Thing

Last but not least if you are in to making kefir there is something that makes it even tastier. I make mine with half raw cow’s milk and half coconut milk (one can is about half a quart jar, so I add it first and then top up with milk). It is ready for consumption  after sitting in my microwave with the light on (they have to be good for something) for 24-48 hours. I like it thick like yogurt and it always tastes good just like that but this week I tried something called twice fermented kefir.

Once you have the finished kefir you can remove the kefir grains and put them in a new batch of milk. In the remaining kefir add a lemon or orange peel but only a bit if you are like me with citrus. Set it out on the counter for 12-24 hours and when you open the lid after that you will have a zestier, bubblier kefir that not only tastes really good but it has the refreshing scent of lemon or orange.

Just to be totally accurate, I keep my kefir grains in the finished kefir until I am ready to use them for a new batch and I refrigerate the quart jar as soon as it has gone through one fermentation. My house is quite cool so I often ferment the first batch for two or three days but then I pop it in the refrigerator to slow fermentation and just keep it until I am ready which can be a week or two. It is from this refrigerated batch that I removed the grains this week and added them to a new quart jar. In the prepared kefir I added the bit of peel and set it out for a couple of days. It really was lovely to drink and I drank more than I should have but….TMI, I know.

’til next week and always in good taste,



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