Favorites of 2012

I started it last year, so I guess it can now be called the “Annual List of Favorite Things”. It really does sound more promising and entertaining than making some mundane resolution, doesn’t it? It’s not like I have a car to give my reading audience or a bag full of goodies (even though I really did want to do that this year) but I can share some things that worked really well for me this year and you can pick and choose.

This year was capped by the birth of my grandson, so he has to be tops of the list of favorite things. Odin was born in April after years and years of wishful thinking on my daughter’s part. Science had to intervene before Odin came to be and for that perhaps tops of my list should be In Vitro Fertilization. It’s not for everybody and you always need to work with a reputable clinic that is more concerned about the health of the baby than the number of babies. Should you, the reader, be on the fence about trying something as avant-garde as IVF I can safely say it can provide a lot of happiness and help fulfill a couple’s dream of being parents.

It’s not leading edge anymore but it is still remarkable and tops of my favorite things list is my Kindle. I never thought I would become a Kindle devotee when I bought mine. It was purchased strictly for travelling as I was tired of lugging a ton of reading material wherever I go. I knew I would never give up the feel of a book in my hands, the rustle of the pages as you turned them and the ability to go back and check data or reference a fact. I have had an epiphany and amazingly if it isn’t available as a Kindle edition I don’t want to read it. Even more remarkable the other day I even tried to turn a page on my Kindle. That was the day that I knew there was no going back.

Reiki and my Reiki healer Donna Murray are tops on my list of healing techniques. For years I have suffered with symptoms of gall bladder malfunction according to my functional medicine doctor. I have taken supplements to aid bile production and followed a diet from Debbie Graefer. I will say some things seemed to help but it was always there in the form of a dull ache under my right rib cage directly under the right nipple of my breast. After two Reiki treatments and the passage of a month I had an ultrasound that showed no gall bladder issues, no stagnation, no stones not even a thickening of the walls. My symptoms are gone and I am eating a normal diet again. Reiki energy is the most positive healing energy I have experienced.

I am currently not eating a gluten-free diet but I still find my favorite go to cook book is Elana Amsterdam’s Almond Flour Cookbook. I took her advice and bought the Honeyville brand of almond flour and I have substituted agave sweetener with maple syrup or honey with great success. I love the Raisin-Pecan bread as it toasts beautifully and is slightly sweet with no agave, honey or maple syrup and almond flour pancakes are almost better than the any pancake made with wheat flour.

I have finally figured out my supplements after years of trial and error and while I have many favorites my find this year was Life Extension’s Triple Action Cruciferous. My functional medicine doc, Robert Bruley, recommended it for healthy breasts (it contains 80 mg of I3C) and Suzy Cohen recently endorsed its use as a regulator of heart rhythm. The best news for me was that Dr. Bruley said it will not harm my thyroid. If you are a long time reader you will know that cruciferous veggies are not on the top of the vegetable list for we thyroid folks. He assured me that while it is a good cancer preventive it does not contain enough cruciferous vegetable to be harmful if taken as suggested, one capsule, once a day.

My favorite website is Facebook and I can tell you why. I have a plethora of health related sites on Facebook and can see daily updates and pick and choose which ones I read more thoroughly. I love being in touch with my friends especially those who live far away and have come back in to my life thanks to Facebook but having one source for all my news is a real boon to my day-to-day activities. I can find recipes for supper, the latest news on magnesium or vaccination and even catch up on world events with sites like the BBC and Economist. I know it is reviled by many and there are some pitfalls (like the loss of privacy that crops up more than I would like) but it is my go to website for now and I have added a group called Krisinsight to compliment this blog and my Twitter account which is now under the same name.

With the holidays now a very pleasant memory it is time to move forward. No one knows what 2012 will bring into our lives but we do know we will learn from each and every event we face. On Krisinsight I will continue to bring you, my readers, my latest insight in to the world of health and healthy living. As always I will present you with the facts and let you come to your own conclusion. I look forward to hearing from my readers now and then and would enjoy a sharing of experience and knowledge. My group on Facebook, Krisinsight, is a great place to start and if you would like to see more exchange of information check it out.

When all is written and published, my readers brighten my week and should be on the top of this list. My wish for you is a  happy and healthy New Year.

See you next week,



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