To B-12, or Not To B-12 (cont.)

Earlier this week I was walking with Chloe and I honestly confessed that I couldn’t come up with any good subject to discuss this week. Nothing of note, I stated, had happened much less stimulated even one synapse of interest.

What? Kris with nothing to say? It could happen but it seems unlikely. I think it was what some refer to as “writer’s block”. After weeks of being overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas to share (One recent week I wrote three blogs in one day, a veritable diarrhea of ideas) I had met my proverbial wall.

Ah, then today I sat down in front of my ‘puter with a sense of determination to write. I put words on the screen and then more words and finally after deleting and adding, I found my direction, my pensé pour la journeé if you will.

On starting B12 injections

As some readers will know I finally got my doctor to prescribe injectable B12. I felt this was my only option for raising my cellular levels because I had been taking sublingual B12 in what I thought was the most easily assimilated form for a year or two when I did my recent Spectracell test (Ann Louise Gittleman offers it at a reduced cost and a different name).

The resultant cellular levels revealed a deficiency which, by and large, no one knows the reasons for. Could be leaky gut or how about long-term  under-treated hypothyroidism? I don’t know the reason but I know having optimal levels of cellular B12 is critical to my health, both mentally and physically.

Armed with desire, I started my B12 injections on the 17th of March (it is now 30 April). I started on a very low dose because Chloe had warned me that she experienced a powerful detoxification from B12. I gradually worked my way up to 15 units, exceeding my doctor’s recommendation but not coming close to the amount that Chloe’s functional medicine doctor recommended nor a host of other doctors and pharmacists recommend.

Gradually over a three-week period, I worked my way up to 15 units, twice a week. First I did a 2 unit dose, then 4 units two or three days later. Then I made a big leap to a 10 unit dose on the 29th of March. I did two more injections of 10 units of B12. Then two days after the third injection of 10 units, April 7th, I had the day from Hell.

Detoxification or food poisoning?

It was a day I care not to repeat.  I was unbelievably ill. I lay immobile in bed for 12 hours with a bucket in one hand and a wet towel in another. I expelled all stomach contents for three hours and felt miserable for 9 more hours. At that point I suddenly felt normal again, got up brushed my teeth took my layers of clothing off and went to bed as I would normally do and slept perfectly for the next 8 hours.

At the time I blamed food poisoning even wondering if my raw milk was tainted.(I ruled that out as my spousal unit and I had both had milk in our tea and he wasn’t sick. In fact, he had eaten the same as I had and had not one moment of sickness) and would admit to no one, not even myself, that I suspected something else. This week while talking to Chloe I finally murmured something about it possibly being a detox reaction and Chloe quietly agreed that she thought it was altogether possible.

Questions, questions and more questions

Do I have any proof of a detox reaction? No. What I have are more questions than ever. People who have low levels of B12 are not good methylators and therefore do not detoxify properly. When you increase your B12 levels you kick start your methylation cycle.

As Rich van Konynenburg says on Dr. Sarah Myhill’s site  “If your methylation cycle isn’t working properly, the immune system malfunctions, the detoxification system mal-functions, our ability to heal and repair is reduced and the anti-oxidant system mal-functions.” My anti-oxidants were overall deficient on the nutrient testing ergo I conclude my methylation process was sub-normal. Therefore, is it possible that I did kick-start my methylation cycle causing a toxic dump?

Further adding to my questions, I found this discussion of necessary supplements online. This person has done significant research on what works and what doesn’t. It specifically mentions that taking any form of folic acid other than metafolin can cause what appears to be a detox reaction. Whoops! I was taking one form of folic acid that was not metafolin the other was MTHF-5 but inexplicably I was preferring the one that is not MTHF-5 aka metafolin.

Also I was taking the one form of sublingual B12 that this person specifically says not to take (Country Life Dibencozide) because it contains the wrong form of folic acid. Did taking the wrong B12 and Folic acid cause my system to have a profound potassium deficiency or a folic acid deficiency and thus a pseudo detox reaction? I have my doubts but it is another question.

Last but not the least of my questions, did my increase of B12 cause a sudden increase in the function of my liver and gall bladder? Did I have a large dump of bile into my system and resultant violent illness to expel the excess bile? Questions, questions and more questions for which I have no definitive answers.

Kris Insight

Is there any good news? Yes. I am calmer, not more energetic as most are but calmer. When I walk uphill I do not have that sense of oxygen starvation where you breathe deeply and still feel like your heart needs to work more efficiently. Those two things happened almost immediately and continue.

I think I may have clearer thinking and less of that muzzy headedness that often accompanies we hypothyroid types. That is really subjective and no one is brave enough to come right out and say “Kris, you seem to be more mentally alert!” and honestly I don’t blame them, would you? Hmm, another question.

But my real insight this week is one I have shared before and is so important for those of us with chronic health issues. Sometimes you just have to get on with life. You may not have all the answers, nor quite honestly be asking the correct questions, but if you just get on with life “it” will come to you. That wall you feel is blocking your way will slowly fall and you will progress. You will succeed. I have proof, as of today, I have completed my 159th post on Kris Insight and I will see you next week with number 160.




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