Got Greens?

It has been a dark and gloomy week in Minnesota with intermittent spring-like thunderstorms and warmer temperatures. If barometric pressure bothers you this has been a bad week and many are complaining of renewed pain and restless nights.

Personally I have an ache in my head that is constantly there above my eyes and in the occipital portion of my skull, aka sinus/allergy headache, and I wish it would abate. I take comfort in knowing, this too shall pass like the waxing and waning cloud cover and the budding and blooming trees and shrubs.

Speaking of budding and blooming trees, allergies and headaches, reminds me of the color green. The color green reminds me that I wanted to tell you that I may have finally found a green powder that doesn’t turn my world inside out. A green food that doesn’t wreak havoc but has all the benefits of a super green powder.

Why think green?

My interest in greens started a few years ago when Mercola extolled their virtues and recommended juicing lots of green vegetables as a breast cancer preventive measure (of particular interest having lost a sister-in-law to breast cancer and another sister-in-law having had a double mastectomy). Most of dis-ease is a result of uncontrolled inflammation and greens reduce inflammation.

They have visibly reduced inflammatory responses in my body. What do I mean by visible change in my body? When I started with Boku Superfood years ago there was a large cyst on my right ring finger that was impinging on the growth of my fingernail and causing a deformed nail. One doctor suggested a trip to a surgeon to have it removed but I resisted.

I tried numerous experiments to get rid of the cyst (thinking it might be a ganglion cyst I hit it hard several times to no avail) and then I started on Boku Superfood, a nutrient dense powder with lots of greens, and over time the cyst disappeared along with one that was on a toe and a small one on my left hand. In my opinion, these cysts were inflammatory in nature and as inflammation decreased they were resorbed.

The only trouble was Boku Superfood caused some major tummy upsets. I just didn’t know it was Boku at the time, I thought it was something else. I also ignored the heavy reliance on brassicas in Boku but eventually I had to admit to myself and now to you my reader that the powder was messing with my delicate innards. I just hadn’t quite figured out what ingredient was responsible.

So when do you admit defeat?

Actually I admitted defeat for reasons other than my upset tummy. My endocrine system got really messed up about 7 years ago when I took myself off my thyroid meds and unbeknownst to me this eventually caused adrenal fatigue and an irregular heartbeat that was, let’s just say, bothersome.

I looked for every reason under the sun for that erratic, unpredictable and  irritating heartbeat as many of you may know. Thanks to all my research I am more knowledgeable than I was but in the process I did come to some erroneous (but potentially correct) conclusions. One was that the brassica vegetables were causing my thyroid to be under productive (check out this blog post) and that Boku Superfood was ultimately responsible because it was largely composed of the dreaded brassica veggies. Don’t get me wrong, brassica vegetables are a problem for those with hypothyroidism but I now know green powder was not the culprit responsible for my irregular heartbeat.

Long story, short, for various and sundry reasons I quit drinking Boku Superfood and my tummy aches got better. I hated to give up my anti-inflammatory drink but I had  to admit defeat and move on.

On refusing to take chemicals

If you think green drinks are bad for your digestion and your thyroid what can you do for inflammation? Take ibuprofen? Acetaminophen? Aspirin? Ah, no. Not me anyway. I was determined to find a green powder that I could use, so my quest began. I would carefully scrutinize the ingredients and choose powders low in brassicas but the upset tummy persisted and the rumbling gas and loss of nutrients to diarrhea seemed to plague me.

I was and have been suspicious of flax-seed, particularly flax-seed meal, for some time. Flax and flax meal are both supposedly “so good for you” that I just couldn’t accept that flax was the offending ingredient. As time passed the light slowly dawned, if I took just Chlorella or Spirulina I didn’t have an upset tummy. I even tried E3Live and never had a moment of discord in the nether regions. As soon as I tried Garden of Life’s Perfect Food Super Greens I was running to the bathroom with that all too familiar discomfort again.

That did it, I ran in to the kitchen and tore the container out of the pantry, put on my reading glasses (yes, you read that right, reading glasses) and scrutinized the list of ingredients. There it was. I had failed to see it in the online list of ingredients: flax-seed. Another green powder bites the dust.

Kris Insight

At last I know I need a green powder that has no flax and is filled with greens from every green source and not a preponderance of brassica veggies. I don’t like fillers nor sweeteners in my green powder. I would prefer it blended easily in to water with a spoon but if it will blend with a whisk I am fine with that. Taste and texture are unimportant when compared with diarrhea and gaseous bloating.

Midori Greens seems to be the best answer for me. Midori Greens are sold at (WordPress won’t even allow a simple link to iHerb, urgh!). Admittedly, it seems expensive for the size of the container but one small scoop seems adequate, so the cost comes down. If you want more and don’t mind the cost, have several scoops a day.

The powder will whisk in to water easily and the taste, while not fabulous, is not bad. It tastes green and unadulterated and could easily be added to apple juice or juiced vegetables. There is a little residue at the bottom of the glass if I mix it with filtered water but if you add it to a smoothie it disappears and is undetectable.

For me the best part is I am getting my greens, my inflammation has not returned and wait for it……I’m not flatulent. Hurrah! Every day without bloating and gas is a great day. By the way, I thought you should know the sinus headache  that I spoke of in the beginning is a distant memory. I wonder if the barometer is finally rising?




5 responses to this post.

  1. I am so grateful to find this information. I started Boku Superfood last month, and within three weeks, my lower intestine became very irritated. I thought it might be Boku so stopped and the pain went away, but I still had some lingering doubt. So I tried it one more time. You may think me a fool, but I had such wonderful energy, not nervous energy but true energy, that I wanted to make sure it was Boku Superfood. The pain returned and took a longer time to go away. It’s still kind of hanging around after a week, too. My stomach and lower intestine are not back to normal yet, and I have made a doctor’s appointment. I was hoping that Boku Superfood could supplement juicing as it is hard to find the time during the week to juice. I will try Midori Greens, and I hope it agrees with me. Thank you again for posting this information!


    • Mary, it will cost you some cash but getting a food sensitivity test might be the answer. I just had an ALCAT done and while I didn’t have any real sensitivities the food and herbs and drugs I did have a sensitivity to amazed me.
      I have always thought MSG bothered me but according to the ALCAT it isn’t the issue. On the other hand, Ibuprofen is a real problem and apples are an issue. Wormwood and black walnut are an issue and believe it or not, gluten doesn’t even show up. That could be down to the fact that I don’t eat anything with gluten but still color me surprised by the things that showed up as problems and those that didn’t.
      You don’t have to do an ALCAT but some kind of food sensitivity and allergy test is well worth the investment in your health.


  2. Excellent article. Thank you. I started taking Boku food(1 scoop daily) about a month ago. Love the energy it gives me, but the stomach pain was so bad, I thought I had an ulcer. Didn’t realize it was being caused by the Boku. Got checked out by a physician, and everything was normal. It got better a week after I stopped it. Started back yesterday with half a scoop, and sure enough the pain is back. Took it again today and my stomach is worse. I am going to try the Midori Greens.


    • Posted by Kris on 14:32 at Friday, May 23, 2014

      So sorry Boku didn’t agree. I still think it is a terrific powder full of good nutrition but it sure wasn’t for me either. To be honest, I am always having some digestive issues and I have never been able to pin it down to any one thing. If ever I could do an elimination diet I suspect the culprit would be identified but as it is I go bumbling along. I will go weeks with no issue and suddenly I am hurting again.
      I hope Midori greens agree with you but if not it might be time to just juice a few green veggies that you know are okay. I found celery, cucumber and apple to be quite agreeable and will stick some kale or spinach in for more dark greens.


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