The Importance of Being Earnest

It is simply crazy that October has blown in and summer is now most assuredly gone. Stores have already put Christmas ornaments on display and the days are closing in. It happens all the time and I know it is no different this year than last but even after decades of experiencing life I find the passage of time, with the alacrity that it occurs, the hardest thing to accept.

This and that

Do those of you who have a “dis-ease” often get down in the dumps and start feeling like the crappy way you feel today is the same crappy feeling you had two years ago? Do you berate yourself for not really getting any better? Complain to the spousal unit that nothing ever shifts? We all do it but one thing that always reminds me that things have not remained the same is my diary.

I don’t have the diary of my teenage years nor one with a lock and key on it to keep intruding eyes out. My diary of today is in my Microsoft word file and I record this and that in there almost every day. I admit I haven’t consistently kept a diary over the years but on and off I have and they are useful to return to now and then as a boost to my memory and a reminder that things are better (or worse) than they were a year ago, or two years ago or even longer.

My Heart Diary

I save my diary after every entry, so my diary needed a name when I started it to enable me to find it in my many files. When I started this one almost three years ago I mislabeled it but it must have been an unconscious desire to label it correctly. It was supposed to be called my Health Diary but with some hidden agenda it ended up being called Heart Diary.

Every single time I open it all I can think is that I need to change that title  but I never do. Why? Because, at the end of the day, it is my heart that affects me the most. It is my heart that caused my research in to thyroid resistance and it is my heart that bothers me some to this day. My heart is at the very center of my being, my nucleus, so what could be better than calling my daily diary Heart?

The key to your memories

So by now you are wondering what this diatribe is leading to and is there a point to my babbling on and on? Answer, yes there is. When a person records daily events they serve to remind you of the fun things you did. When you claim “the weather has never been this bad” if you have a diary you can check out your fantastic claim. It can recall gas prices or how the dogs are doing. A diary serves to keep us true to ourselves and keeps us earnest.

A diary also serves as a very useful record of your health. When you prepare for your 15 minutes of your doctor’s precious time if you can check your diary before you enter their room you have in your hands a perfect record of how you have been over the last 12 months.

Specifically Thyroid

When you have thyroid issues keeping track of your temperatures is important. Blood pressure and pulse are key to how your thyroid is performing, so all those details go in my diary. I also detail how I am feeling (jet lagged), how I am sleeping (Like a rock. I quit saying “like a baby” after my grandson Odin was born. Not all babies sleep), what my weight is doing (going up at the moment). This minutiae has served to remind me that, oh yeah, I wasn’t doing very well two years ago or OMG really? Was I doing that?

When I talk to my thyroid or adrenal groups I can look back when they ask a question and definitively say this is how it was at that time. This is how it is now. When I see my functional medicine guy I can have a list ready to substantiate my opinions of what is going on and it won’t take too much time (I am charged by the 15 minutes increment). Or how about supplements? You can keep track of what you are taking and not taking which may help diagnose a certain pain or issues you are currently dealing with.

Meditative Diary

Yet another way to keep track of day-to-day happenings is a meditation diary. I know it sounds strange but I assure you it really works. It doesn’t work in a Word file, so you need to buy a small drawing book and a fine line pen that you can draw with. Take it outside with you sometime and listen.

Listen to all the sounds you are hearing and write them all down. As you listen pick one small object to draw and begin drawing what you see as you see it. The artistry doesn’t matter it is the centering of your mind that is doing the work and will help you relax and recount your day.

I have used this diary since a friend introduced me to hers several years ago. I use it when I travel and when I get home I have this wonderful recounting of my time away. I even used it the day my mom died. My drawing wasn’t great but I know when I see it I had a pain like none other and I had to let it out.

Kris Insight

Today’s blog is really all just my insight; my life lesson. My diaries have served me well and whenever someone contacts me for help I always, always recommend they keep a diary. How else can we know that 15 days ago we had the same symptoms? Or that 20 days ago we were feeling great and then 5 days later it was like we hit a concrete wall. I cannot think of a more accurate way to recall precisely what occurred on this or that day.

A diary also helps you appreciate that, although time does fly, things happen, important events happen, sickness happens, wellness happens, meetings happen, friends come and friends go. It will all be there for you to recount when and if you care to look at it. For those with a “dis-ease” it is even more critical that you keep a daily diary of what you are doing and how you are doing it. More importantly your life may very well depend on it.




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