CT3M-Have You Tried It?

IMG_1917 (2)Is it possible that the weather could get any worse? Or another question you might ask is could I possibly talk about anything but weather? I am sure I could but we are drowning in rain right now in Minnesota and many are without power and the waves of storms just keep coming our way. Meanwhile, in Idaho where we have a cabin it is dry as a bone. Colorado is parched and burning and it is much the same in New Mexico. How can I quit talking weather when it is so wild and schizophrenic?

We were without power for almost 24 hours this weekend and, as always, it makes one worship power when it is restored. More than that, it caused the immediate purchase (If you can call it “immediate” when you have procrastinated for years) of a generator. Once said generator was home my fridge and freezer full of expensive pastured raised meat were restored to almost perfect working condition and somehow the rest just didn’t seem that important (the rest being showers and working toilets). On Facebook my friends disagreed but to a foodie, good food is everything.

And the beat goes on

Last week I was talking about chiropractic adjustments and the healing of my hip this week I want to tackle the subject of taking T3 with a Circadian rhythm. First let me tell you that my hip is still acting up but my back is much better. I think I have pulled a muscle in my hip (it hurts to go upstairs but not downstairs) or, as my research buddy Chloe says, maybe my hip won’t get better until my latest remedy has worked out all the kinks. Remedies do work their way through layers and I know I have layers that need to be worked through, so I will not deny the possibility. Meanwhile, the C1/C2 chiropractic adjustment will keep my spine in alignment and hopefully I will heal even faster.

Have you read Paul Robinsons’ “Recovering with T3“? I keep plowing my way through the book and reading and re-reading many passages to understand what he is suggesting. I don’t think I am doing it just as Paul suggests nor would I recommend doing what I am doing to the novice thyroid person who is struggling with precarious health but I like the change for several reasons.

Reasons to try CT3M

While I feel and have felt quite well treated with T3 I keep tweaking because not everything is perfect. Taking T3 several times a day is a nuisance. I did it and would do it again but it is inconvenient. I still have the occasional blip in my heart beat. I have days when I just feel tired all day and my weight isn’t coming off (but then again I am not dieting). At times, and thankfully not very often, I still have a bit of brain fog and more importantly I think I have adrenal fatigue that needs, shall we say, comforting.

As a part-time dental hygienist taking thyroid tablets four times a day sometimes just doesn’t work. Sometimes I have to admit I feel like a pill popper when I surreptitiously drop yet another 1/2 or 1/4 T3 tablet in my mouth, so this has been a problem if only in my head. Following Paul’s advice as closely as I could I now take T3 three times a day making the timing much more accommodating to a working schedule.

I just read a comment that I have to share with you because I could relate so strongly and maybe you can too. The person was saying that most thyroid people experiment and tweak their treatment until it suits them really well. She said, and I don’t know that this is true, that John Lowe, the godfather of  T3-only treatment, took all his T3 at bedtime for most of his life. This made me feel infinitely better for some reason and even more willing to experiment a little bit more with this dosing business and to tell you about what I am doing.

Here’s my plan

Are you even a little bit curious about what I am doing? Well, if not, put me away and read something even more interesting like books on Matt Stone’s reading list. If you are still tweaking your dose and/or fighting adrenal fatigue, then read on.

As I said before, this is roughly what Paul Robinson recommends not precisely his action plan and I admit I was really dubious about doing this when I first started but now I am kind of hooked. Around 3 a.m. in the morning I awaken and take 25 mcg of T3 by crumbling the tablet with my teeth and putting the residue under my tongue. I fall back to sleep and sleep really well for about two more hours. This seems to be some of my deeper more complete sleep these days which has me wondering if I should even try John Lowe’s method of taking a big dose before bed.

Paul suggests setting an alarm and I did the first night. However, when my spousal unit is home and sharing my bed this would awaken both of us and I am not willing to do that. It is most unfair to jar someone else awake every morning in my opinion, so that method won’t work for me. I have for decades had the ability to awaken when I need to awaken and that seems to be true of this 3 a.m. time. Sometimes I am off slightly but by and large I wake up somewhere in the vicinity of 3 a.m. plus or minus 20 minutes. I take the pill and immediately go back to sleep.

My next dose (12.5 mcg) is either at 11:00 or noon depending on the day and my final dose is around 5 p.m.(12.5 mcg) or when I get home from work. This schedule has allowed me to increase my dose of T3 to 50 mcg within the last couple of months without any negative results. Keep in mind that within the last few weeks I also took a new remedy, so in my mind these things are working with a certain amount of synergism and it is all adding up to adrenal recovery and better thyroid health.

The best reason to try CT3M

If you have tested your adrenal health (Canary Club sells a Diurnal test for $119) and know that you have fatigued adrenals I think CT3M is worth a try. Even people who have full-blown adrenal fatigue can successfully treat their adrenal fatigue without taking therapeutic doses of hydrocortisone according to Paul Robinson. Very simply put (and this is an over simplification) the reason for the large dose of T3 approximately 2 hours before you get out of bed is to feed your starving adrenal glands. This time is when your adrenal glands start working their hardest and need the most T3. Matt Stone says that the adrenal glands begin their day around 1 a.m. and keep pushing hard until about 8 a.m. but I think Paul Robinson says the timing is more like 4 a.m. to 9 a.m. Paul also says the more you can sleep after 6 a.m. the better for your adrenal glands but there are those of us who must get up and get to work and don’t live in Great Britain with their later starting times. (Just for reference, he regularly arises at 8:30, so he takes his big dose of T3 at 6:30 and goes back to sleep for two hours.)

Depending on how much T3 (or NDT can also be used) you take per day you need to start at a small dose work your way up little by little until you find the perfect early morning dose. When I started CT3M I was taking a  daily total T3 of 37.5 mcg, so I started my early morning dose at 12.5 mcg. Then I tried slightly more and quickly worked my way up to 25 mcg mostly because it was easy to take one whole tablet that early in the morning. This was probably quite daring on my part because Paul says one should increase by 6.25 mcg or even less and give it two weeks before you increase again all the while testing your thyroid and adrenal health. Saying you must test constantly, to me, is rather like saying I should sleep until 8:30-9:00, it isn’t going to happen; I really can’t afford either one. If you can, I highly recommend you follow his advice. If not, check your pulse, blood pressure and temperature to keep track of how your body is reacting to the new dosing schedule and make changes accordingly.


I am thinking that the next dosing schedule I may try is an even larger dose in the early morning but not for a while. I actually like the way this dosing schedule makes me feel. I wasn’t sleeping too well before my last increase of 6.25 mcg but since increasing to 50 mcg per day my sleep has been more restorative and constant. There is a part of me that would love to try taking 50 mcg before bed and I may do it but just the thought makes me nervous, so the time is not right.

Also I think the supplements I am taking right now are about right. Almost every morning I take a handful of supplements that include 3 MagMind (Jarrow), 2 krill oil (Mercola), selenium (Jarrow), astaxanthin (just got some 12 mg capsules by BioAstin), B complex (Metabolic Maintenance), Alpha Lipoic Acid (Metabolic Maintenance), Blue green algae (Mercola), Vitamin C (Mercola’s Liposomal), Ubiquinol (Healthy Origins soy free) and one Triple Action Cruciferous capsule (Life Extension). Midday I take another B complex, ALA and  vitamin C. In the evening I take one last dose of magnesium, usually ReMag and one vitamin C. Just in case you were wondering why so much Vitamin C, the reason is one needs Vitamin C (liposomal C that is) to feed the hungry adrenals. They require a lot of Vitamin C (at least 1000 -2000 mg a day) throughout the day and especially if they are healing this is important.

As always keep in mind I am not a doctor, I am a trained and practicing dental hygienist and have been for 36 years. Any information you read on Krisinsight is just that, my insight based on the outcomes I experience with the experiments I try solely on myself.




3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Cindy on 9:50 at Monday, June 24, 2013

    Hi Kris, I am very well versed in the TC3M method and have used it off and on for a while. Here are my two cents. I came in with Stage 5 AF….almost flat lined. I was excited to find this method and get off HC. Personally, I found it too stimulating to the adrenals at the stage I was at. I would wean and then crash, all while under the supervision of the yahoo panel (which includes Paul). However, I did notice less fatigue symptoms with an early morning dose even on the HC, so I continued with a small dose later in the morning (12.5mcg at 6am).

    After two years of HC treatment, I have since weaned the old fashioned way. My morning cortisol is still a bit low (normal on the charts, but low according to the adrenal group), but the rest looks great! I have recently moved my dose back to 5:30am, just to see if I get a little kick that is needed in the morning.

    So personally, I found that this really does work, but I think it works much better for those with less severe AF. Paul really doesn’t even know where his cortisol results were before he started this, if I remember correctly. I found it too stimulating when the adrenals are so tired. But AGAIN, this is just my personal experience. 🙂 Hope you are doing well!!



    • Posted by Kris on 15:00 at Monday, June 24, 2013

      Hi Cindy,
      I so agree with your assessment of T3CM. I was diagnosed with Stage 2 AF, so nowhere near “flat lining” and I have been at the T3-only treatment for several years and never quite reaching perfection. My tweaking things now and then seems to make things better but I am really hesitant to ever take too much because unlike Paul I don’t have propranolol handy for those times when my heart beats too fast or a little irregularly (I am tempted to get some just to have when I need it but for now I don’t have it) so my dose is quite low even now at 50 mcg. If you check back in I would be curious to know what your dose is now that things are better. Do you take a more normal 75 mcg of T3 or are you on some NDT?
      Three years ago as I cleared T4 out of my system I went very hyper and stayed there for a long time because I went by my temperatures which were always sub-par no matter how much T3 I took. I used the groups guidance and my cortisol tests to guide me but no one really knew what the issue was. Now after reading Paul’s book I recognize what was happening at the time because he mentions the problem at one point in the book. The dose I was taking (in excess of 100 mcg of T3) was stressing my already stressed adrenals and my body temperatures were low as a result. Luckily, I finally lowered my dose despite my temperatures and things normalized some (my hand tremor went away for instance). My daytime temperatures came up some at that point (25 mcg of T3) but my basals stayed around 97.2. Ever since then it has been a journey trying to find that sweet spot and with T3CM it feels more and more possible which makes me very happy. I have been very fortunate on this journey because I was never seriously affected by my disease just impaired and I knew I could be better.
      Thank you for the well wishes and for sharing your experience.



      • Kris, I too find anything 75mcgs and above too much. I currently am on 50mcgs and my labs and temps look good. I personally find the “clearing” theory of pushing up the dose a bit hard to swallow. Eventually, no matter the dose, you will clear the RT3 if you are on T3 only. I never had a miraculous clearing epithany 😉 I just know, for now, I do better on T3. I really feel like I would be more stable on a combo med, however. And is it really good to have NO T4 in your system? These are questions I ponder. I too caught this very early so I was definately impaired but never disabled…..so thankful for that…..in fact, I think you were one of the first people I emailed regarding a good dr here! So thanks for sharing your journey!!


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