Running Against the Clock

IMG_1917 (2)My heading should really read “Exercising With A FitBit” but more on that later. I have had a great Labor Day weekend so far. “Grumpaw” and I got to have our eldest grandson (at the ripe age of 2 he is now an elder) for the night on Friday. Odin had the SU and me in stitches most of the time but mostly after our supper on the deck Friday night.

Odin loves to make animal noises and when he imitated the bear growling the SU started growling back at him. Odin, at first shocked by “Grumpaw’s” growling, looked at the SU with his mouth agape. Then he noticed the hint of a grin on “Grumpaw’s” face and a contest of growling was born. Who knew my boys would like growling at each other? One would growl like a bear and then the other one would growl but louder with all the facial expressions mixed in. The sounds coming from our deck must have been a bit like a cackle of hyenas, we literally  laughed until our stomachs hurt.

Laughter is so healthy, probably better than any anti-depressant prescription a person can take but our world doesn’t make laughing easy. From now on when I need a laugh I will beg for Odin’s company for the night and get my feel good vitamins all stoked up again.

IMG_2220 (2)Ti amo Odin, mille grazie.

On the move again

Besides laughing I am happy to say I am also exercising. There was a time not that long ago when regular exercise was the last thing on my mind. I think it took me a solid three years to finally get back in to the groove after my diagnosis of Class 2 adrenal fatigue plus Hashimoto’s. In my past life, I would have kept up with an exercise routine no matter what but with adrenals on the edge of total fatigue I felt the best thing to do was to slow down and try to heal.

Fast forward three years and I have energy again and a desire to exercise, even jog again, so I recently decided that every time I go to the end of my driveway, 1/4 mile to the road, I need to jog it.  Sometimes I jog at a faster pace, then a slow pace and sometimes I even stop and start jogging again. This is especially true when I have the two giant poodles swarming round me like bees because they are being  “bathroomed”. Other times I just jog out and back two times and in my bare feet (this alleviates any pressure on my Morton’s neuroma). I climb stairs whenever I think of it and walk the perimeter of our land as often as I can. Last, but not least, I try to do a Teresa Tapp DVD, of which I own several (sometimes I just get in proper alignment and do some of her arm exercises).

What’s a FitBit?

IMG_2228With my renewed interest in exercising I also started hearing about FitBit on Facebook. Have you seen any discussions about FitBit? They cost under $100 and can easily be worn on your bra, underwear, in a pocket wherever you find it convenient to wear a 1 1/2 inch device. They even make them in a wristband but unfortunately for me those were back ordered and I didn’t feel like waiting.

They also are used by insurance companies to track your exercise and you should know, if you don’t already, it is possible they will penalize those who don’t get in enough steps per day by increasing their insurance premiums. My FitBit was free with accumulated points that my husband has been working on for some time. He has no choice but to let them track his steps but he has a system that works and allows him to exercise if he chooses, not when they choose. Mine is only for me not for my insurance company (so far).

It is all new to me but a FitBit can track your calories for you. Track your steps, track your stair climbing status it can even track your sleep habits. I find that all a bit worrisome as I don’t like the idea of my daily exercise being a thing of public record on the internet but despite my concern, there is something really motivating about reaching your daily goal (mine is 10,000 steps right now). I even enjoyed getting the email notification that I had reached a certain goal. I would never have expected this of myself as I am not a competitive person even when the only person I am up against is me.


I feel very strongly that, if you have diagnosed adrenal fatigue, exercise should be kept to a minimum.  At the time I was going through my T4 clearance process, Val, the then moderator of the adrenal fatigue group and RT3 group, was adamant about exercise. That is adamant about keeping it to a minimum and I think it worked very well for me. I healed and now can get back in to the swing of things. I think you will know when the time is right if you pay attention to your body and how exercise makes you feel.

I also wanted to mention that I have been taking Monolaurin for almost a month now and I can’t quantify the health benefits without a blood test but between Monolaurin and another dose of Belladonna remedy I suddenly felt like a person who should be exercising and getting in shape. I don’t have that awful air hunger anymore and jogging is easy on everything but my ankles (I think they got out of shape after years of not jogging).

Now if I can lose some accumulated weight and build some muscle I will be a laughing Nonna all the time!

I hope you have had a great Labor Day weekend and thoroughly enjoyed what has come to be the final hurrah of summer. I hope to see you back here on Monday the 23rd of September.




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  1. Posted by Josiah Page on 12:39 at Wednesday, September 11, 2013

    Hi Kris,

    Thanks for mentioning Paul Robinson’s Facebook group. It’s now up and running like gangbusters.



    • Hi Josiah,
      It was my pleasure, you will find it most helpful especially as you go through the process of getting healthy again. Everyone there is doing the same thing (or has done it with success) and Paul is really great about trying to help when needed.


  2. […] Running Against the Clock ( […]


  3. Posted by Josiah Page on 7:09 at Tuesday, September 3, 2013

    The claims in the Monolaurin ad really sound too good to be true especially their statement that it is effective against “All pathogen (bad) bacteria, (but not good bacteria – they have different membranes).” I’m a strong booster of coconut oil and have included >3 tbs in my daily diet for years, but regrettably it didn’t prevent me from having a nasty 4 week respiratory infection last winter..



    • I believe coconut oil is good for us but I doubt all they claim (I just saw the good bacteria vs. bad bacteria this morning on my sheet that came with the Monolaurin). I actually tried it because a co-worker’s sister put her children on it after they were diagnosed with Lyme Disease and she had good results.

      I tried the “Eat Fat; Lose Fat” diet (1 TBLS with every meal) but too much coconut oil makes me gag, so that just didn’t work for me. I guess that’s why I thought these pellets might be a better answer for me. I guess at the very least they aren’t hurting anything and with my husband’s renewed energy I have some faith that whatever was bothering him did improve.

      As to the respiratory infection, how are your D levels (I can’t remember if you have said).Even with high Vitamin D levels I do get the occasional cold or virus but I recover rapidly and I look at that as a good thing. This past winter and spring my grandchildren were sick several times and I never did get any of their crud. My husband got the 4 week respiratory virus (but his was more like 2 weeks) and I never did but that could mean this winter I will be more vulnerable as well. Time will tell but Vitamin D levels are one thing I test every 6 months and mine are consistently above average and in the winter they are almost 100 ng/ml. Vitamin D Council’s measure of success with Vitamin D is if you get sick “are you fully recovered within 3 days” (or at least that is one of their questions I always have to answer)?

      I also suspect with you and your still untreated thyroid issues you will be more vulnerable to illness of all kinds. Have you had your cortisol test now? I hope the “Christmas package” of T3 gets to be opened very soon.


      • Posted by Josiah Page on 9:32 at Tuesday, September 3, 2013

        I’ve done a lot of bragging about Vitamin D level which is 72 ng/mL but you’ve sure got me beat.

        For over a month I’ve been in a quandary about whether to cancel an upcoming initial appointment with a pricey metabolic institute (they don’t accept Medicare) or just rely on RT3_T3 coaching. I’d pretty much decided on the latter, but your recent reply (warning) to one of my comments caused me to change my mind. It will cost me a ton of money, but the metabolic institute has a good reputation and I really do want to get well. So thanks for the good advice.

        I still haven’t mailed in my cortisol saliva samples because for complicated reasons I haven’t been able to stop depending on Lorazapam and melatonin which I’m told is a prerequisite for getting an accurate cortisol results.

        I use coconut oil along with olive oil in my oil and vinegar salad dressing.


      • I think you will be happy to have the medical advice. It was hard sometimes to be on my own. I feel better now that I have someone who supports what I am doing but she wasn’t around when I was clearing the T4 and doesn’t really understand what I have done or been through. How do you keep the coconut oil from solidifying in the dressing? Do you keep it somewhere warm? I am going to have to give that a try as I always make my own salad dressings. Thanks for the hint. I maintain my D levels with a Mercola Sunshine Renew light panel. In the winter I am better about using it and that is when my levels are the best. Summer heat discourages me a bit but still my levels are usually around 65. I don’t really take any D supplements regularly. I have a test result coming soon as I just did the blood draw last week.

  4. Posted by Josiah Page on 20:19 at Monday, September 2, 2013

    When you say you can’t quantify the benefits of Monolaurin without a lab test, what sort of blood test are you talking about? Beyond the anti microbial benefits, what other benefits are you expecting?



    • Good question and to be totally honest I was hoping this component of coconut oil might stimulate my thyroid thus having the desirable effect of decreasing my need for T3. I suspect that is a wild hope but that is what I meant by a blood test showing any significant improvement. That little honesty disclosed I have seen an increase in my husband’s energy. Before he started the Monolaurin he was coming home every day, his tail dragging sparks behind him. He complained of absolutely no energy and really wasn’t feeling very well. I suspected he might have gotten Lyme Disease from a tick bite (on his stomach) that had gotten quite infected this summer but he was reluctant to see a doctor. I bought the Monolaurin and started a daily dose as recommended. He is no longer complaining about total lethargy but as he never had a blood test we will never know if it is the Monolaurin much less whether or not he had/has Lyme Disease. It seemed like a no brainer to me but I wish we would have run blood tests for proof.


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