Christmas Time Is Here

IMG_2334The Charlie Brown song is going through my head now, don’t ask me why. I don’t watch the show and to be honest am not terribly entertained by Charlie Brown but that song sticks in my head like molasses and after all Christmas time is here at my house.

In fact, you could say Christmas arrived at our house two weeks ago when our tree went up. Yes, you read that right. I know plenty of people who object to what I did but what I choose to do and what others choose to do is entirely up to the individual.

In my case, my grandson had come to stay a couple of days and just before he got sick we put up the tree and decorated it. I say “we” but really it was “me”. I did let him choose the spot to put each ornament and he did his job proudly. Never mind almost every ornament was to go in the same spot, basically one a two-year-old could reach, and had to surreptitiously be moved.

Sadly, Odin went home hours later because both he and Nonna had caught a bug and Nonna’s energy to keep up with a whirling dervish plummeted. Still, we had fun putting up that tree and he and I continue to enjoy it tremendously.

Whatever your religious bent from Christian to atheist, I hope you are fortunate enough to take the time during this Winter Solstice to be happy. Finding even one thing you can be grateful for will make your spirits soar and keep a smile on your face.

Are you doing a holiday detox?

The other day on Facebook an interesting topic came up on a Magnesium Advocacy group that I “follow”. They were talking about the amount of magnesium in cilantro which is apparently quite high for a leafy green herb. In the ensuing discussion one commenter warned that if you have high mercury levels eating cilantro can be dangerous. It seems cilantro pesto(recipe to be found by clicking on cilantro pesto), in particular, if eaten to excess, can act as a chelation agent and release too much mercury in to your system and cause dementia-like symptoms for several days. This woman, according to her own report and not mine, was in bed for three days with memory loss and basically feeling a wreck.

I have made cilantro pesto for years whenever my summer cilantro crop is ready to harvest and I have to admit I have not suffered undo stress from eating copious amounts. However, posting the pesto recipe on my Krisinsight group on Facebook elicited several comments from my post and others. The gist of the comments were, if you suspect or know for certain you have mercury buildup in your body, use cilantro pesto with care. If you would like to detox your body of heavy metals by trying the pesto recipe I have a solution for the chelated mercury that will save you the days in bed with no memory (crikey that sounds horrible).

Purify Your Body

IMG_2337Yes, purify your body. I have a friend who sells detoxifying foot pads and her company is called, appropriately enough, Purify Your Body. I have known Rebecca for several years (of all things we met on attracted to each other by our common Minnesota tie). I know her commitment to good health and a healthy lifestyle and I know her reasons for her commitment.

When the subject of free-floating mercury came up she suggested her foot pads to help remove the mercury. She has an immune deficiency due to things that were out of her control (in utero)  and  has used her own product for a long time to remove heavy metals and other pollutants from her body. Given her immune issues her body doesn’t need the “gunk” clogging up her system and diminishing her ability to fight off disease, so she regularly places her foot pads on her feet and lets them do their work overnight.

My experience with Purify Your Body foot pads

I have used the Purify Your Body foot pads for a few years but very irregularly. I have never tested my body for heavy metals but I suspect lead could be abundant due to carelessly handling lead throughout my years as a dental hygienist (something I no longer do but every x-ray packet has a lead liner in it and most of us picked those up with bare hands and put them in the recycle box). I would fully expect mercury given a few amalgam fillings that remain in my mouth (two or three small fillings) and working in offices that have inadequate ventilation but as I said eating the cilantro pesto has never bothered me, so who knows, perhaps I was able to detox mercury.

In other words, while I have not tested the product myself, I know these herbal footpads are of the highest quality because I know Rebecca wouldn’t settle for anything less. She has picked these footpads because of the purity of the herbs and materials used. She has tested them for the heavy metals and other impurities they have removed and can give you a plethora of details if you contact her on her blog. They are simple to use, so I will show you.

Step one

IMG_2336The herbal packets come in a pouch with adequate adhesive patches and the directions are written on each pad that you will use. You simply cut off the top of the packet and open it to reveal 10 footpads. They have a definite herbal aroma which is not at all perfumed. I would find something artificially perfumed impossible to use and much prefer the hint of herbs.

The packets you see to the left contains the herbal mixture and the plain side of this packet sits against your foot as is plainly worded on the side that doesn’t sit against your foot. I can tell you from a careless experience that if you put the other side against your foot nothing will happen. In the morning you will find yourself truly amazed at the total lack of sticky gunk on the pad until you see the print side come off the sole of your foot. It was not one of my prouder moments. Afterwards when I was “talking” to Rebecca about the clean appearance of my pad (because I had messed up the application) she told me that eventually the pad will be clean but thus far mine never have been.

Step two

IMG_2338For me, step two is tricky at first but with experience you become much more able to handle the adhesive pad. Whether or not this is exactly how you should apply it, I don’t know, but this is what I do. I take the adhesive sheet in hand and remove all but the edge of the covering. Holding the sticky side up away from my hand, I apply it on top of the herbal packet that I have balancing on the sole of my foot.

With the edge piece still intact I fold the adhesive around the herbal packet and press in to place. Once that is accomplished I remove the last strip and press it down. I sometimes only do my toe area because that is associated with the thyroid and as we all know my thyroid is my biggest challenge and the one organ from which I would most like to see heavy metals and other toxins removed.

IMG_2340However, should you want to cover the entire foot it is simple. Follow the instruction for the toe area and just keep working your way down the sole of your foot. In the end, it will look something like the photo to the left. If you look on Rebecca’s  FAQ page you will see the associated areas of your body that you will be detoxifying.

Your feet, according to Rebecca’s site, are considered by Chinese medicine as the “Second Heart” because they help pump blood and lymph back up in to the torso. Thanks to our inactive lifestyle these days this action is often sluggish and inactivated, so if you use them and see nothing the first time you might try wearing them during the day when you are more active and the system is working more efficiently. I happened to take these photos this morning, so I am wearing mine as I stand at the computer. I hope to show you a pad that has been worn for several hours at the end of my post.

Full disclosure

Just to be clear, Rebecca is going to provide me with more footpads for reviewing her product. I would never review a product I didn’t try myself nor a product I didn’t believe in. When I said I would take advantage of her Black Friday special (Which, by the way, is good until the end of Cyber Monday. Just enter BLACKFRIDAY2013 for 30% off your purchase) but was a bit low on cash she offered me a deal I could not refuse. Voila! December’s blog was born. Thank you Rebecca for this gift but I am also happy to help others find out about your product.


I think these footpads fall under the “Do No Harm” category that I so strongly advocate. Given the tests that Rebecca has run on her own pads and the results she has seen I know these foot pads assist the body in its detoxification process. I also know that those of us with thyroid issues have trouble detoxifying.  This is also true of people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. (My research buddy, Chloe, would back me up on that statement). If wearing an herbal foot pad doesn’t rid my body of all heavy metals and other elements that shouldn’t be there, it sure doesn’t hurt and judging by the gooey mess forming right now they are working hard, as is my lymphatic system (Ah, the beauty of standing to use your computer. I will never sit again.).

Sadly, before I close, I did want to report the death of yet another very knowledgeable and well-respected thyroid researcher, British doctor, Gordon Skinner. Particularly in Britain, thyroid sufferers have lost a real warrior in the battle to treat thyroid disease effectively.  In January 2012 we lost Dr. John Lowe, my T3-only hero, after a fatal fall in the autumn of 2011. Unfortunately, with each of these losses we thyroid folks take a step backward as their expertise and respect is lost. I hope and pray that in 2014 other experts in the treatment of thyroid disease will step forward and take up where these great researchers left off.

I will see you here the first Monday of 2014. Have a wonderful winter solstice and as always find something you can be grateful for every single day. I am grateful for all my readers and for any information I can provide that helps you along your path to recovery and eventual stasis.



P.S. Here is the result of about 4 hours of wearing the detox pads on my left foot. It looks like my heel was the “gooiest” winner this time IMG_2342(bottom of the photo). My toe area doesn’t look half bad and the arch looks the cleanest.

Both the SU and I have had some intestinal bug for a couple of days and the heel area contains small intestine and descending colon, so here’s to cleaning out this bug. I am wearing them again tonight on both feet and we shall see what area is the most productive! If you try Rebecca’s detoxifying foot pads let me know what you think and what your experience entailed.


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