60 Years Of This Wonderful Thing Called Life

Photo4502I am starting this on the first day of February 2014 and I have officially (within the immediate family) claimed February as “My Month” and will celebrate as befits my soon-to-be 60 years on earth. 60 years on this side of my mother’s womb. 60 years of trials and tribulations. Most importantly, 60 years full of learning and improving the genetic mix I was provided by my much missed parents. Thank you Mom and Dad for this wonderful thing called life.

Magnesium mania

Sometime ago I joined a group on Facebook that is all about magnesium. Like all groups about health they focus solely on magnesium. If you have an ache or pain, try magnesium. If you have migraines, try magnesium. Tummy aches? Magnesium. Can you tell that sometimes it gets on my wrong side? Having gotten so much better once I had a well-regulated thyroid it does irritate me when one element is singled out and given some kind of magical powers. That said, the group has a lot of useful information to share and I can tell the advice given out has helped many a needy person.

They (Carolyn Dean and others who moderate the group) really stress a test called HTMA which is done with hair and looks at all mineral content plus heavy metal toxicity. It seems that this test needs to be done very specifically and only by certain people or labs and I have not done it yet. That is not to say I won’t but I have no experience with it, so can offer no help.

The group moderators also highly recommend a RBC Magnesium blood test. I have long been a supporter of testing things at a cellular level and a RBC will give you a more accurate assessment of your actual magnesium levels. I have now ordered a RBC magnesium test and will get the blood draw later this week.

Reasons that you may not be getting enough magnesium

I have tried many forms of magnesium in various amounts and now I understand that some of us may need more magnesium than others (wasters and/or high utilizers). Barring a RBC blood test I tend to be very aware of how often I am having foot or leg cramps. If I still have them I need more magnesium. If they are gone or under control I have assumed I am okay. This is very unscientific and not to be counted on for vital information but, by and large, it works for me.

I have also found that my potassium levels are very important to the cramping test. If my potassium is low I can experience cramping in calves and arches of my feet. Unfortunately, now I read that low potassium (hypokalemia) is also a reason you  might be wasting magnesium. In fact, there are a myriad of reasons why one person might need far more magnesium than another person.

Low taurine levels can waste magnesium as can low and high aldosterone. IBS, Crohn’s, and obesity, volume diarrhea, alcohol consumption and laxative abuse. You coffee drinkers won’t want to hear this but coffee is a known antagonist. Phytates, phosphorous (sodas), fiber, saturated fats, tannins, NSAIDS, diuretics and even hormone replacement can all deplete your magnesium levels and cause any number of health issues, so the group is not all wrong pointing the finger at almost every ailment someone discusses.

What I have tried

  • Calm brand magnesium
  • Ionic Fizz
  • ReMag
  • Jigsaw brand magnesium
  • Magnesium chloride flakes
  • Magnesium chloride liquid
  • magnesium oil
  • Magnesium Sulfate
  • Magnesium malate
  • Magnesium Threonate
  • Magnesium bicarbonate water

Which magnesium has worked?

  • Magnesium threonate
  • Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) baths and foot soaks
  • Jigsaw magnesium
  • Magnesium chloride (oil spray and baths)


IMG_1917 (2)You might ask what I mean by “worked”. For various reasons some forms of magnesium simply do not agree with me and/or I could not take enough to stop the cramping. Some like Calm cause me to have non-stop diarrhea (TMI, I know). ReMag was just too pricey. I obviously needed more than recommended which drove the costs up not to mention it could not be ordered from companies that I frequently order from like iHerb and Amazon. Ionic Fizz contained citric acid which caused me to feel very acidic and have uncomfortable indigestion after just a few days (but it is the easiest form to ingest taste-wise).

I can only tolerate magnesium oil on my feet but when my toes used to cramp spraying them with oil was almost miraculous. In fact, I did a post on the subject ( but you will note at that time Jigsaw wasn’t working very well, see my comment below). I think my favorite way to increase my magnesium levels are epsom salts or magnesium chloride flakes in my bath. It is supremely relaxing and I sleep like a baby the nights I indulge in a good soak.

I take magnesium threonate almost every day no matter what other magnesium I ingest or bathe in that day. I subjectively feel my thinking is clearer since I started taking MagMind and I will not be without it. What I cannot detect is if three MagMind capsules are actually enough elemental magnesium per day, so I supplement with another form of magnesium, usually Jigsaw magnesium but sometimes a foot soak or bath. I now suspect that the real issue with Jigsaw  was that I am a waster and I need much higher doses of a tolerated form of magnesium. It wasn’t that Jigsaw wasn’t a good supplement I just needed to either take more than was recommended on the bottle or take another form of  magnesium in conjunction with the recommended dose.

At the end of the day

As some of my readers will note I am a wee bit late posting my blog this week (although with the Super Bowl, overdose death of Philip Seymour Hoffman and other headline news you may not have noticed). Yesterday, when I should have finished writing and editing my creation I got the unexpected pleasure of spending the day with my daughter and my grandsons.

There is nothing so exhilarating as the words of wisdom from the two-year-old and the smile of his little brother melts my heart, so with an inner glow that I cannot disguise I wish you a fabulous month of February and look forward to seeing you right here come the first Monday of March.





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