Re-Treading and Just Being

IMG_1917 (2)Happy Meteorological End To Winter (METW)! I so wish I could wish you a Happy Spring but that doesn’t happen during the first of March. It stealthily waits ’til near the end of this month and in Minnesota this year it is likely, but not guaranteed, that spring will remain hidden until May or June and then collapse in to summer. I repeat Happy METW!


I am also celebrating an end of sorts and a beginning of many things. On the 18th of February I officially retired from being a dental hygienist. I don’t see this as an end of anything but a beginning of something new. I still have all that knowledge I have accumulated over 37 years of looking in mouths, talking to thousands of people and attending continuing education seminars. I have friends across the country and abroad that I met thanks to my choice of career. Lest I forget, the monetary rewards were plenty and for all this I am grateful.

That stated, I also feel that 37 years of repetitively doing one basic skill (a good skill but still one skill) is, plainly and simply put, enough, and my brain was crying out for something new and more attuned to the person I have become. I have outgrown traditional dental recommendations and old stodgy dental statements of the benefits of fluoride and silver fillings. I don’t believe that modern-day dairy grows strong bones and teeth (my current boss did and told everyone to drink lots of skim milk). Get this! I don’t even think root canals are the best answer for your health even if they do save a tooth (only to need extraction down the road). It was time for a re-tread.

What will you do now that you are retired?

Honestly, I’m not sure what all I will do with my time. One seemingly unattainable goal is I really want to learn to sleep in, past, say, 5 am. Lordy, I am writing this on a Sunday morning and I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed by 5. To “sleep in” means sleeping until 6 am and that doesn’t feel like a lot to ask but of all the things I want to do this seems the most difficult to achieve.

I am really excited about spending time with my grandsons whom I adore. They make every day I spend with them complete. After a day with them I am replete with joy. Not to mention that a morning with them makes me appreciate, even more, my ability to leave them with their mom and go home, put my feet up and have a cup of milky Keemun tea while reading my latest Matt Stone dissertation.

I am going to start my Reiki training in April and if I am very lucky I will become a Reiki healer. I believe in energy healing and have seen huge improvements in my health thanks to homeopathy and Reiki. I am fortunate enough to know a Reiki master, Donna Murray (I have featured her in blog postings more than once, simply type in Reiki in the “search” box) and she is going to start with basic Reiki in April and we shall go from there if time and money allow. My hands will not be idle and they will still improve people’s lives.

I want to travel and have the ability to make last minutes plans (just saying that always reminds me of “When Harry Met Sally” and Sally offering a reason for not having children with her boyfriend  “….because we always wanted to make love on the kitchen counter but we never did. See, the counter is just this cold piece of marble and not very comfortable.” I hope that doesn’t mean I want to make last-minute plans but probably never will.)

I think more than anything I just want to enjoy my life and I intend to do just that. Many have now told me that they had heard it called re-treading instead of retiring. I well remember when I first heard  the term and I knew I, too, would re-tread. The person who mentioned it to me was a retiring pastor who happened to be sitting in my dental chair. He announced his retirement but said he wasn’t retiring, he was re-treading. That was back in the 80’s and I still remember his words to this day (yet another gift of being a dental hygienist).


Just a bit about health as there is always something I can say or share in regards to the latest. Last month I told you I was having a RBC Magnesium test run to see where my magnesium levels were at a cellular level. At the same time, I was testing sodium and potassium in a basic metabolic panel.

My RBC magnesium came back slightly low at 50 (Magnesium Advocacy recommend 60 or above). This despite what I would say are hefty doses of magnesium and magnesium baths, both full body and foot baths. However, the month prior to having my blood draw I was experiencing a bout of IBS and I suspect everything that went in was exiting before being absorbed.

Bathing should have been more frequent, so I have increased the number of foot baths (I use magnesium chloride which I purchased at Ace Hardware in the form of SafeStep 8000. It is dead sea salt that is shipped in and then repackaged for so-called safe ice melt). I also started some cell salts by Hyland, Magnesia Phosphorica 6x as they are sublingual and bypass digestion altogether. I am still taking Magnesium threonate almost every day which never seems to upset my “delicate” digestive process. Jigsaw Magnesium is also taken daily but anymore than 2 at a time is one or two too many, if you know what I mean.

My sodium was almost perfect but my potassium was still low (according to the guidelines on the RT3 group). I still take 2 teaspoons of sea salt every day. I currently take 2-10 mEq tablets of slow release potassium every day and that did not get my levels anywhere near the high-end of the potassium range. I am trying to increase food sources of potassium like chocolate (dark, of course), potatoes, dark leafy greens and dark green pumpkin seeds. I suspect after much reading that my sodium and magnesium wasting have a lot to do with my low potassium. If I can finally balance sodium and magnesium, potassium, too, will fall in to place.

See you here on the first Monday in April. In the meantime, we need to talk to the weather gods and ask for an early spring and an end to this “stupid cold”. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul had day #49 with below zero temperatures this morning and the temperament of the people is slowly degrading in the grips of this record-breaking winter. I decided if I can’t stop winter I may as well face it head on and go to Bayfield, Wisconsin to view the ice caves on Lake Superior. I’ll let you know how I did in April.





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