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Zapping Zits

I am keeping this blog short and sweet as I have been gone on a “girl’s weekend” with my grandson and daughter. What a great bonding experience as I was even there for the 2:00 a.m. feeding and up again at 5 to hold the baby and let his mommy, my lovely daughter slumber. Many Nonna’s don’t get the opportunity and I am most grateful to my daughter for making it happen.

That said, my sleep deprived brain is feeling less than creative and thanks to an email last Thursday I came up with the idea for today’s entry. Friend Chloe emailed me asking what medicinal herb was good for pimples. On the drive home, as my grandson and his mommy took a cat nap, I remembered Chloe’s question and thus was born the the inspiration for my Monday blog.  I decided others  might be interested in natural ways to zap a zit.

The first thing I will turn to for a blemish or often a cut or any number of maladies is Goldenseal. I tincture my own Goldenseal root but however you obtain it Goldenseal should always be in the house. Several years ago the “master herbalist” I was seeing told me that even a puncture by a filthy cat tooth (yes, no matter how much you love your kitty its bite is deadly) would be well served by a drop of Goldenseal and might have saved my mother the torture she went through (“Cat Bite Fever”) after being bitten by her cat Rusty.

Whether or not that is true Goldenseal is fabulous for a zit and easy peasy to use as just a drop on the spot will clear it within a day or two and you will immediately see a noticeable drying. I can honestly say that I have had times when I put the drop on at night and the spot is basically gone by morning. There is one cautionary note with Goldenseal. It will stain your skin slightly, it will wash off but it is best used at night when a yellow spot on your skin isn’t really an issue.

Bearing in mind that nothing is a miracle cure, another one that works really well is Peaceful Mountain’s  “eczederm rescue” I bought this one because it contains a number of medicinal herbs like poke root, bloodroot, white willow and comfrey. Several of these medicinal herbs were listed in folklore medicine as good for cancers of skin and body alike. “Folklore” medicine is often discounted but I happen to hold some belief that these medicinal herbs were used because they had properties that could heal. I have used “eczederm rescue” on several spots including a patch of skin that has been on my lower arm for a long time and also on hormonally stimulated zits. The patch of raised skin is slowly disappearing as it seems to be losing layers over time, the zits disappear over the period of a day or two.

One more honorable mention that is not a cure of the common zit but a very light and aromatic cover-up, was discovered at my local co-op, River Market in Stillwater, Minnesota.  “Logona, Creme du Jour Teintee” has the aroma of roses and chocolate and is like creamy velvet to apply to your skin. It doesn’t seem to clog pores nor really cover up your skin but smooths and evens the lines and more appealingly smells good enough to eat. I wear little make-up but when I want to feel special I apply a bit of my good enough to eat “creme du jour teintee” and walk around like feeling Princess Kathryn, bell of the ball, future queen of England.

You might be asking why a grandmother suffers from zits? I would like to say it is because I am too young to be a grandmother (Nonna). Alas that simply isn’t true I am the perfect age to be a grandmother and I simply do not know the answer. What I do know is I don’t have many zits at any time. When I do get a “spot”, the victim of some hormonal imbalance, Goldenseal or my Peaceful Mountain product will do right by me. They are not harmful and contain no dangerous chemicals. What they do do is help my body heal and repair itself. Quite honestly, I cannot think of a better way to deal with all the trials and tribulations that Mother Nature hands me.

Until next week and every zit healed,


P.S. Be sure to check out the comments associated with this week’s blog if you, or anyone you care for, has a stoma. A reader responded with a way to use Tea Tree Oil to keep the stoma area infection free and mitigate any granulated tissue formation.